Yamaha BD-A1020 Universal Blu-ray Player

Yamaha has been putting out universal players for a long time now, stretching from DVD to Blu-ray.  As Yamaha has traditionally been an audio company before a video company, their dedication to having a higher-end, audio focused player isn’t surprising at all, it is good to see as the market of audio-focused disc players seems to be shrinking all the time.  The universal Blu-ray player market is very competitive with the Oppo players being the most popular options, and other choices coming in right behind them.

Taking a look at the Yamaha BD-A1020 player, there was a lot to like about the audio quality, but there were also quite a few issues with the video performance that came up.  There were also some smaller bugs that affected the playback of audio discs, making them less convenient to play back than you would want them to be.  Unfortunately it’s likely  to come up short of both the Oppo BDP-103 and the Sony BDP-S790 when you compare them, but you can go over to Secrets of Home Theater and read my full Yamaha BD-A1020 review to see what I thought.

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