Monoprice Tube System Giveaway

For the recent holiday season, Monoprice was kind enough to send over their new hybrid tube amp along with a pair of speakers and speaker cables. The hybrid tube amp features 15 watts of power with 25 watt peaks, an analog input along with a Bluetooth 4.0 input, and a front headphone output. The tube preamp stage gives you that classic tube sound that so many people still love.

Also included are two speakers with a ¾” tweeter and 4 ½” midrange/woofer to pair with the amp and speaker cables to connect it all. We cracked open the tube amp briefly to give it a listen and had no trouble streaming music from our phone to it, or using a Sonos Connect to integrated it into our home. It makes for a great little bedroom or office system with a design that will catch the eye of anyone that sees it.

We are going to give this package away to a reader at the end of February to say thanks for reading us this past year. The rules for the giveaway are pretty simple:

  • You need to follow our twitter account, @Reference_HT
  • You need to leave a comment on this article telling us your Twitter handle and what you’d like to see us cover more of this year
  • You can’t work for us
  • You have to be in the USA

At the end of February we will randomly select one Twitter follower and verify they left a comment, and then contact you directly to find out where to ship it. Our thanks to Monoprice for donating to us the system to give away, and to all of you for reading us this past year. We look forward to providing you more content in 2016 and beyond.

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I need the sweet sound of tubes for my office.
Twitter handle is [email protected]

oh man, this is cool. would love to see a guide on how best to optimize a set up in a room that isn’t perfectly built for a home theater. @elektrotal


More tube reviews!

@MoreFiles partial to projector reviews

We have a pair in progress right now, and more in the future.

@Driver_King:disqus; I’d like to see more on headphones!

That is something we can do.

@Static_FX I agree with driver_king. More headphones!

@bklynbound i like everything you cover now. keep doing what you are doing! :)

Maybe more coverage of network streamers, storage, servers, and devices. Thanks!

Network streamers like Sonos for music, or networked video as well? I use a Synology NAS myself, but it’s not a category we’ve covered as much.

Exactly, products like the Sonos or in-home NAS media servers or web-based servers like Squeezebox for music, but the best systems for video, as well. That’d be great, Chris. I’d love to know more about Synology, too. Thanks for the reply!

OK. I’ve owned a couple Synology NAS systems now. I had a DS409 and upgraded to a DS415+ after that. I use the Synology to stream all my audio using Minim Server and Plex for video. I used to have a Squeezebox but switched to Sonos last year. Hopefully we can test the new ELAC Roon server appliance soon, as I feel like that will be great in the future.

Cool, I’ll have to look into Synology. Thanks, Chris! Always great to hear what you’re into.

Another topic that would be great to have you explore for us (speaking of the prize you’re offering) is the resurgence of analog audio and even visuals and its interaction with the digital world.

Thanks for the feedback. We want to know what are readers are interested in so we can try our best to cover that going forward. We never know if it’s only something we are interested in, or something more people want to know about.

Oh man, I want bass so powerful the neighbors come over… Good stuff guys!

@jptobin84 more of the affordable reference stuff please.

We have some higher-end things coming, but also a nice bit of affordable reviews (BenQ HT2050, Denon AVR-S710W) as well.

Keep up the great work. More headphones – @CSSully:disqus on Twitter

I love the tube sound Pete Hahn @phahn4

I would like to see more reviews of class A tubed amps or low cost T class / digital amps.

@elgaot5, keep those projector reviews coming!

Twitter handle @RjjudgeRyan – want to see more everything

Handle : @hehasfallen I’d like to see more music gear, guitars, amps, high gain stuff

It would be neat to see some alternative location audio suggestions. For instance, I am in the process of assembling an outdoor portable “theater”. I am attempting to keep the quality high though and after much deliberation, decided the Epson 5030UB was my best choice (PS, its perfect). Speakers was another hard choice (Sonos eventually won after I figured out the wireless situation). Other areas people may have interest in keeping quality is like outdoor speakers and such. Here’s hoping! @NathanCardinale

@masahito29:disqus I’d like to see budget reference builds, from amps, speakers, headphones, and receivers.

I’d love to see a killer office setup where a DAC, small tube amp and headphones (closed back for office-friendly listening) that work beautifully together are featured. I’m @ CCSurfer on Twitter.

MarkOwens2 Just keep on keeping on. You are doing great.

@bigmrmacdaddy – Review more outdoor projection/entertainment options.

I’m real interested in moving to a projector, so I’d like to see more projectors, heh.
Twitter: @jrronimo

Raspberry Pi @Raddp

Like to see theater gears reviews, especially projectors, receivers, etc (Twitter @thinkNsidedabun )

@Static_FX More projectors would be great!

@walking_Corpse9 here, would love to see more how-to setup with speaker layouts, mounting hardware etc

@karstwindow More headphones

@mariuscontest i have a new house and a baby on the way. need a little joy in my life before all the sleepless nights!

It would be amazing to see more coverage on integrating the classic with the modern both in look and functionality. Keep up the great work @ryanacbutters

I’d like to see headphone/earbud reviews, home theatre on a tight tight budget, different ways of configuring. @david4238

I’m @MiloTwoLips on Twitter, I’d also love to see more about integrating classic with modern, and more home theater. Thanks!

Home theater on a budget… For example a cheap but good system that can be swapped one piece at a time with better gear over time @ryanm_lav

I’d like to read some reviews on the newer universal remote offerings. The Harmony review was great, but what about some of the less feature-heavy remotes? Twitter: @AxelCloris

A tad more about vintage audio on occasion would be great. @jfkarlson

Please do more reviews on home theater receivers. @jerryvanoort

Just found your great site, but maybe cover some wireless options for home theater, e.g., wireless routers, wireless speakers… @wysiwyg321

@sgdzine ribbon/folded motion/electrostatic speakers vs standard drivers

@mcdontho How about vintage vs new tech comparisons.

Some vintage gear coverage would be nice. Thanks @timjclark

More reviews on DIY speakers & tube amplifiers! @jsusvanchrist on twitter!

I’m interested in vintage speakers or refurbishing/building. For example what to look out for. If new, then cheap.

Would like to see info about room treatments and acoustic controls for difficult spaces. @sdenboer

5.1 speaker system reviews, thanks. @rayovagen

@mjenereaux and I would love to see more reviews like this

New to this, but would like to see more stuff on integration with flawless music on the go and home theater systems. (DAC’s, amps, etc…)

Pioneer Elite media players and receivers @ikymagoo

@Ohnonotagian I’m always interested in DIY

Wassup want some more stuff on home theaters keep up the good work love ya guys and gals