Building a Home Theater - Part 2 | Reference Home Theater
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3 years ago

Curious what projector you are using…

Reply to  Dan
3 years ago

Oh, I could mention that. I have an Epson 5020UB though I’m so often reviewing projectors that it is almost never used.

Bored SysAdmin
3 years ago

Nice KEF front speakers and TV.
I get it – In-Ceiling surrounds are necessary for small space, but far from optimal.
Anthem vs Denon you’ve already covered, but I will disagree on ARC being better systems, it may be more adjustable, but that Denon will auto calibrate dual subs which no other system will.
And finally that power surge is MASSIVE waste of money. You could have achieved same exact result with this : APC Smart-UPS SMT750

Reply to  Bored SysAdmin
3 years ago

That APC is completely different than the SurgeX. The SurgeX is a 20 amp input, not 15, and it has 2,400 total watts available while the APC only has 500. It also has 14 outlets vs. 6, and uses series mode surge suppression instead of relying on MOVs. I’ve asked Anthem about the sub calibration in the past, and their response has been “Even if subs are corrected individually by whichever other means, in the end they must be swept as a mono group since the sub responses interact when multiple subs play simultaneously.” So even if you do them… Read more »

3 years ago

Great set up – how far is the screen from the viewing position?

Reply to  Manbat
3 years ago

Right around 7.5′ currently, but it might shift slightly when I eventually change couches.