How We Support the Site

The most important thing any review site can do is to always remember that it exists to benefit readers. We get the privilege of using all this gear and try to convey to you if it is worth your money and time. Trying to do this, while staying as free from outside influence is why we try to fund the site in a slightly different way.

The first way is through ads you see on the site. These are all done with Google AdSense or other blind services and we have no idea who is buying them. No one advertises directly with us, and we have no real control over what is shown other than banning specific categories of ads. If a company wishes to buy ads specifically for the site, they can do so through Google themselves. We would never know they did this, and we would lose money by not doing it directly, but we also can keep myself free of any outside influence.

The other way is through Amazon or other affiliate links. If you buy something through a link and like it, then the site earns a fraction of that. If you buy something and return it, the site earn nothing. We have no incentive to provide dishonest reviews in order to generate orders that people will be unhappy with. You’ll return the product and stop reading the site. If we feel there is a better product than what we have reviewed or used, we can feel free to recommend that instead without worrying about the bottom line.

We feel none of these choices influence our objectivity while still allowing the ability to run the site. There are benefits and problems with every model, but we feel this does the best job of balancing those.

Reference Home Theater Staff


Chris Heinonen

I am a writer at The Wirecutter where I focus on Audio-Video categories, as well as tablets. Many of the products I cover over there I wind up reviewing here as well. In many cases it is because they are a category, like small TVs, that reviewers have typically ignored. Other times it is because a $400 receiver will not get an in-depth review that it really should to see how it performs.

I am also an ISF Certified Level II Calibrator who has gone through extensive training on properly calibrating displays and projectors, as well as the science behind what makes for a good image.

Previously I was a Senior Editor at Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity where I helped to author our industry leading HDMI Benchmark for Blu-ray players. I reviewed a wide variety of home theater and audio components, from Displays to Projectors, Receivers, Blu-ray Players, and Video Processors to CD Players, Speakers, Amplifiers, and even Turntables. I was also the Displays Editor at AnandTech where I reviewed PC, Smartphone, and Tablet displays and helped advance the measurement methods used in those evaluations.

I have also contributed to HDGuru, Electronic House, and Theo’s Roundtable in the past.