I calibrate flat panels (LCD, LED LCD, Plasma, OLED) and digital projectors (DLP, LCOS, SXRD, LCD) and do not handle CRT projectors or displays, or DLP rear projectors.  There are other calibrators with more experience on CRT displays and would be better equipped to handle those calibrations for end users.  I work out of the Portland, OR area and work locally, though if you are reasonably close please feel free to contact me and I will see if a time and date can be worked out. I also can calibrate HDR and 3D modes if desired. Dolby Vision is currently a bit different and depends on the set, so please contact me and I can let you know if I can work on your display.

Calibration rates are currently:
$125 per hour. Maximum of 4 hours for a single input, 6 hours for two inputs or settings.
Travel – $1 per mile

A typical calibration will run for around 2-3 hours, and I want you to be present for it so you can understand the process, as well as any questions or concerns that might arise during the process. I’ve adjusted my pricing to better reflect the current state of displays and projectors. If a display comes well calibrated, or lacks many controls, a calibration can often be done in 60-90 minutes. If I can do it that quickly then the price will reflect the lower amount of time it took. If a calibration takes longer, I will work as long as it takes to get the results that are required.  I will also present you with a full report via email after the calibration is completed so you can see the before and after results and understand where performance is improved from the original settings. In cases where my calibration has seemed fine at the end but later on issues have arisen, I’m able to come back and correct those at little to no cost.

My calibration gear currently consists of an XRite i1Pro, Klein K-10A colorimeter, CalMan calibration software, and a Murideo SIX-G pattern generator.

If you are interested in a calibration, or have more questions about the process, please contact with with the form below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.