Samsung 2014 UltraHD Event

samsung 2014 ultrahd event

Samsung held a press event in NYC at the Guggenheim Museum on March 20th to show off some new models for 2014. Most of these have been seen at CES, but they did announce pricing as well as a couple of new products as well. Why use the Guggenheim for a product launch? Well, the …

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Panasonic VT60 Review

panasonic vt60 review

After years of speculation, Panasonic finally confirmed that plasma production would end. Early in 2014, the last panel will come off their line, and the best current displays will go away. Despite having not spent much time viewing one in person, I still took advantage of the current availability and bought myself a 60” Panasonic …

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Sonos PLAY:1 Review


Sonos has been steadily lowering the cost of entry for their music streaming solutions. Smartphones have eliminated the previously required $400 remote, and recent stand-alone speakers like the PLAY:5 and PLAY:3 have shrunk that cost even more. Now Sonos has hit a new low price for entry with the $199 PLAY:1. Dead simple to set up, easy to use, …

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What Is A 3D LUT That Makes You Impressive

what is a 3d lut

What Is A 3D LUT If you’re looking to get a new LG OLED or LG Nano LCD in or later, you’ve probably need to ask a question What is a 3D LUT, and also seen the announcements or read the specs for them. One feature on them you probably didn’t see, or maybe didn’t know much about, is …

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UltraHD Blu-ray Database

ultrahd blu ray database

In March 2016 we finally see the launch of the ultrahd blu ray database player format with the price $400 player from Samsung and titles from many studios. These UltraHD discs will likely be the best sources of UltraHD content at home. This new format offers 10-bits per pixel instead of the 8-bits of Blu-ray for better gradients …

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4K Streaming: Guessing at Quality

4k streaming guessing quality

CES 2014 provided many announcements about 4k streaming guessing quality services coming to us this year. The largest player is Netflix, as they have the largest subscriber base, but Amazon, Comcast, DirecTV, and more jumped onto the 4K streaming bandwagon. While these announcements are often light on the details, Netflix came out at the Sony …

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Sharing Calibration Settings: Results Compared

sharing calibration settings results compared

Often when I write a review of a display or projector, someone asks me for my specific display settings like sharing calibration settings results compared. I typically mention which color temperature or picture mode works best, but many readers want specifics. How did I adjust the white balance controls? Did I make changes to the …

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