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  1. Actually, if calibrating to watch movies on your Blu-ray player, or a HTPC you want to use a pattern source that uses the same image path, not a separate source.

    That way you will calibrate out any potential issues within the actual image path.

    This is a critical part of accurate calibration.

    • You should always verify your calibration using the source device at the end. An HTPC is often a special case, as their range can be variable based on how it’s configured. In the case of a Blu-ray player, calibrating to match an incorrect output is the wrong way.

      Getting a Blu-ray player that is accuratre is $60 right now. Calibrating to one that is incorrect will result in an image with lower dynamic range and incorrect colors on every other source. There are some inaccurate sources out there, but usually replacing them is far more affordable, and will result in a better image, than trying to calibrate around the flaws.

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