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  1. The AT-LP120 is a great turntable at its price point, but the built-in preamp does suppress the full-frequency response of vinyl, which is probably why your bass isn’t as solid and your treble isn’t as bright and clear as it would be if you were to remove the preamp (and subsequently void the warranty) and install a good set of interconnects (and a ground wire) then connect it to the phono input of a good stereo with a built-in phono stage.

    • I did comparative listening of the LP120 compared to my reference table (Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with speed box, acrylic platter and Shure M97xe cartridge) with a Parasound Halo JC3. Even with the external phono stage the bass and treble still fall behind the Pro-Ject. At almost 3x the price you would expect that.

      • I agree; I compared the same record on my LP120 with my old Technics SL-D2 using a Shure M97xe and yes the LP120 falls flat but it still works well for what it is, and it makes digitizing LPs easier.

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