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I purchased the 2040 last March so have had it for about a year, it is an excellent picture with great color and very bright, I love sci-fi and horror movies so the Black levels are a problem for me, making some movies unwatchable unless at night with all the lights out, great first major purchase for home theater projector, lamps as low as $79

Projector bulbs are something people should try to buy direct from the company. There are too many fakes out there and those can be dimmer than the one you are replacing, or even run too hot or break easily inside the projector, causing damage to the unit.

$79 is the price direct from Epson

Clark Kent

I’ve had the 2045 (same) for a little over a year. 4100 hrs on first bulb,high setting. We love the picture, color is good and very bright. It’s our first so maybe we don’t know any better. I would recommend because of the price of projector & the bulbs. We turned Grarage into a theater room 120″ silver ticket screen at about 12′ (White) .

Indiana Mike

After 20 years of having a Electrohome 8500 Ultra CRT Projector on the ceiling, events dictated a change.The black levels of ALL digital projectors are poor compared to the big CRT’s. The Color of this little Epson 2045 is very good. the brightness is good and the sharpness is very good. The motion, contrast ratio and smoothness of ALL digital projectors suck compared to top CRT. But I like the Epson 2045’s increased sharpness and fine detail over the Electrohome 8500 Ultra running at 940P through a Lumagen. Overall, I like the Epson a lot. It has limitations but so… Read more »