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  1. Nice review. Thank you so much. I was wondering if you could publish the settings after calibration. That would be extremely helpful as my screen is also a 100″ Elite Spectrum Tab-Tension.

  2. How much ambient light is “too much”? (Roughly). My wife does not watch many movies in “the cave” because she finds the darkness necessary for my current PJ (Sony VPL-AW15) uncomfortable (she’s fairly claustrophobic). I don’t mind the dark, of course, but I’d like to be able to accommodate my wife more comfortably. In an ideal world (given my budget), I’d opt for the Sony HW40/45ES or Epson 5030UB (or the next model–not changing immediately) for their better blacks, but, having nothing else to compare with, I’m quite happy with my current PJ’s black levels and, presumably, even the 3500 would be better (my PJ was well-reviewed back in the day, but it was nearly 10 years ago). A few (1-2) low wattage lamps (all aimed away from the screen) would be sufficient for my purposes. Would the 3500 work well enough in those conditions or should I opt for the 1985 model with a small sun as a lamp? (My screen is currently quite small for a projector–at 64″ 16×9, but I’m contemplating an 80″ screen–as big as I can go. I know a TV would be the smart option at 65″ or so, but even if I wait on the screen change, I like the option of going bigger.).

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