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  1. We currently have an Epson 5010 and are considering upgrading to the LS10000. However, we have a 135″ screen and the 5010 is fine in 2D but we wish it were brighter when watching 3D movies. (We’ve never had the bulb replaced after nine years, but only viewing one movie a week on it). My concern is that the LS10000 is only 1500 lumens. Are we going to be disappointed with the lack of brightness compared to the 5010 which is just adequate? Really appreciate your time!

    • The big difference is that the LS10000 isn’t going to drop off nearly as much. In the extra bright mode it did 970 lumens calibrated, with a 135″ screen with a 1.0 gain, you can expect to see 18 foot lamberts of light. The SMPTE rec is 14-16 so that’s a little extra brightness. It’ll drop off some in 3D, but the 3D mode will be a little brighter at the expense of accuracy. So the LS10000 won’t be dead silent in this mode, but likely similar to the 5010, and it will stay brighter for longer.

      • So, even though the LS10000 is considerably lower rated in terms of lumens (5010 at 2400 vs. LS10000 at 1500) we won’t be disappointed with the brightness given the use of a 135: screen? We think the 5010 is “adequate” but wish it were brighter.

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