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  1. This sounds promising. You have the TV that I will be purchasing soon and I’m shopping for a tuner. How did you get the OTA TV onto the Vizio? Does Live Channels cast? Did you use the Synology app? To me, support for the other devices is a bonus, the Vizio connection is the most important.

    Thank you

    • My media room also has a ShieldTV and AppleTV in it, both of which work with the HDHomeRun. I’ll have to see how the Vizio does with the new firmware that does Casting from the TV interface itself soon and if it handles this. Unfortunately Plex can’t cast live TV right now, though you can watch it with the Plex app on an Android TV, so I’m not sure how it will work on the Vizio. We will see soon.

  2. I bought the Connect and I am not having as much luck with it. All my devices that are trying to watch TV are wireless devices and sometime the stations work or most of the time I experience jitters and pausing. Is it because this does not compress the video? I can have my wireless device sitting right next to my router/access point/mesh unit and I still have issues. If I hard wire my raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi I have no issues. Any ideas? Is it my antenna? I just bought a cheap one at the local hardware store for about $25. Any help you can provide would be great!


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