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  1. Thanks for the review. Can you coment on the sound dispersion (80°x30°) vs 80×80 on the motion 40s? Does that have any real effect on listen when not in the sweet spot?

    • Sorry, I haven’t heard the Motion 40 so I can’t comment on that. Usually the dispersion is given in horizontal x vertical, so the 40 might sound better if you were very high or very low compared to the tweeter. With all Air Motion Transformer tweeters I find you’re best to be in the sweet spot. They are very flat there, but fall off more off-axis than dome designs with a waveguide.

      • Thanks Chris. The 80×30 is the same as MLs electrostats, which worry me. Simply standing when listening to the electrostats results in significant sound loss. With the 40’s that is not an issue.

        • It appears the smaller driver used there has better vertical dispersion. The ML electrostatic are certainly best when sitting in the correct position. The image can really shift if you aren’t sitting down for example. I love those speakers, but if you aren’t going to be listening to them at that location, they probably aren’t the best.

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