Omnimount ULPC-M TV Mount and OCSBA Sound Bar Mount

Search on and you can find a flat TV wall mount for $17. So what makes a wall mount cost $160? Many things go into a higher end mount: They’re more flexible to install, have a wider range of motion, and are an easier experience. Needing to install a TV and a sound bar in my home, I installed the OmniMount ULPC-M with the OCSBA sound bar accessory.

Manufacturer: OmniMount
Model: ULPC-M
Review Date: May 31, 2014
Price: $24.00
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Despite a complete lack of home improvement skills, the ULPC-M is simple to install. With clear instructions, single-stud mounting, and robust hardware it is easy for anyone to install it. The wide range of adjustments and motion make it work for almost any situation. Having bought $30 wall mounts in the past, I will no longer do so as the extra expense makes the job much easier and provides better results.

OmniMount makes the ULPC mount in many sizes. From a small 19” kitchen TV to a 70” monster in the living room they have a model for it. Since I review lots of 32”-40” displays, I opted for the ULPC-M model. I supports VESA mounting sizes from 100x100mm to 400x400mm. It will support up to 100 lbs. on the end and mounts into a single stud. While it extends up to 21.75” away from the wall, it also nestles up to only 2.4” think when retracted.

The OCSBA sound bar mount installs on almost any of OmniMounts products. Though simple in design, it makes it easy to mount a sound bar below the TV and swing both out from the wall at once. It does complicate the install a bit as it adds extra depth and requires you to choose a different set of screws. If OmniMount creates an online calculator where you can specify your TV and mount to tell you the correct hardware it will help. Most people are likely inclined to pick the longest screws they can, but you need to check your TV manual to find out the correct depth.


OmniMount makes it easy to get the ULPC-M on the wall by including a great installation guide. The size of a piece of paper, it is the first thing that greets you when you open the box. If you can locate a stud you can install the ULPC-M. Once you find the stud you attach the guide using it’s adhesive, assemble the debris collector, and drill two holes. If you also want to run cables (power or video) through the wall, there are cutting guide for that included as well. No more placing the mount against the wall, trying to hold it level, and marking where you should drill only to find you are off. It is a simple thing, but one that makes the experience much easier.

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Installing into the stud only requires the two included lag bolts. In another difference from cheaper mounts it includes all the hardware you need. The first cheap mount I bought I had to make a trip to the hardware store for lag bolts as they weren’t included. This is the only step where I needed help. I could have installed it myself but having my wife help hold the ULPC-M arm while I used the socket wrench made it easy. Once mounted the ULPC-M has 2” of adjustment side-to-side in case over a stud isn’t ideal.

Even placing the TV and sound bar onto the arm is easy. The design of the ULPC-M lets you lift the TV onto of the arm and slide it down. It will catch and hold while you attach two screws to lock it into place. With a 32” Sony TV and Vizio sound bar I have no trouble doing it myself. OmniMount could make this easier by making the attachment screws thumbscrews.

Once everything is mounted the ULPC-M functions perfectly. Routing and hiding cables in the arm is easy with sides that snap on and off. The motion of the arm is smooth and fluid. I do not have to push or pull hard to get the TV to move around. The tilt mechanism stays locked in place well and the TV doesn’t fall forward from the weight. After the install I have nothing to complain about.

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There are a few small things I’d chance on the ULPC and OCSBA to make them easier to use. The online calculator is a nice start, as figuring out what washers, screws, and spacers to use is a bit complex. Using thumbscrews to attach the TV will make it easier to do solo. Perhaps the added depth of a thumbscrew is what prevents it.

The bolts on the OCSBA are also hard to tighten with a socket wrench. The design of the arms has a ridge that gets in the way of the socket. I was still able to do it, but enlarging the design would prevent this and not interfere with anything else. Since you also have a lot of extra mount points on the OSCBA, OmniMount should design cable routing devices you can snap into the extra ones. It would let you have a cleaner setup with a sound bar which always adds 1-2 more cables anyway.

Finally, the OSCBA bars have holes that don’t quite mount to a 200mm VESA spacing. If they did, it would make mounting a sound bar to a 32” TV much easier. You can still do it, but it would be even sturdier if the spacing is different.

Worth the Investment

Is spending $160 on a wall mount worth the difference over the $35 one I bought before? Yes. It is far easier to install, far more flexible, and includes everything in the box. It also feels like I can’t break it even if I try.

The total time for me to do everything, from opening the box to having the TV and sound bar mounted and plugged in, is under 90 minutes. I even messed up assembling the sound bar twice and still was done that fast. It’s also the first 32” TV mount I’ve managed to get level thanks to the included mounting guide and adjustments.

Review Summary
Product: OmniMount ULPC-M
Pros: Easy install, very sturdy, wide range of adjustments
Cons: Relatively expensive, can be tricky to determine correct screw size
Summary: The OmniMount ULPC-M is a very flexible mount that is easy to install and adjust. With the optional OCSBA sound bar mount you can easily mount and position your TV and sound bar for optimal viewing and quickly move them out of the way.
Value: 3.5/5
Performance: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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