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Excellent review, sad to see Panasonic go out on top like that and lose a bunch of money in the process

I’m sad to see them go as well, but I don’t think Panasonic is losing a bunch of money in the process. If they were I think they would keep doing it. However as LCDs are everywhere, and not just in TVs, and many people will start to demand 4K, it makes more sense financially to invest in LCD or OLED versus plasma. It isn’t great for videophiles, but I understand the decision.


Oled is better for videophiles.


Thank goodness for the OLED sets from LG. They seem like plasma reborn.

Ilya D

Hey Chris,

Question. Majority of AVS posts state that gamma should be 2.2 in general. While after calibration picture looks even more amazing, I find 10-30 IRE possibly being a bit pale. While I was able to get average grayscale/gamma dE to 0.26 – 0.41 (depending on how my i1Display Pro feels that day) and color gamut even greater values – did you after calibration felt like 2.2 was too bright across the range?

Bruce Freedancer Foley

I feel like I could have written this review myself. I just purchased a 65 inch VT60 and my rationalisation for doing so is covered in your review, almost point for point. Like you, I am blown away with the quality of this TV and am genuinely sad Plasma has finally come to the end of the road. Having said that, by the time I’m ready to upgrade again, 4K OLED will almost certainly be a whole new level -but I’m all set for the next few years and I feel like I’ve made a very smart buying decision, and… Read more »


Hi Chris, I really respect your reviews. That is why I purchased a 65″ VT60 and plan on getting dual PB-2000s! I am upgrading from a 50″ Samsung DLP. I don’t plan on getting it calibrated in the near future and I am currently running the THX Cinema. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on making the adjustments to make it even better? Thanks

Thanks for the kind words. The only adjustments you need to make with THX Cinema are Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness. You can do this with the HD 709 disc from the AVS Forum, or Spears & Munsil, or Disney WOW among others. The contrast setting is likely correct, as it should be set for a dark room, and brightness probably only needs a click or two as well. You really can’t improve upon the preset picture that much at all.


Hello sir and a very nice review indeed. I ran into it accidentally and I’m quite amazed that after searching internet reviews for years I’ve never diacovered this site. I’m curious in one thing. . Like the chart posted with the uncalibrated gamma , the european version of thia model exhibiti the same pattern. It starts from way down and rises from 30 IRE upwards. The same happens with prof mode and gamma set at 2.4. I see that you’ve used the 2 point wb controls to rise gamma in lower ire and ended with that almost flat 2.4. It’… Read more »

Yes, I used the 10-point controls to get the gamma and grayscale correct. I wound up using the AutoCal feature in CalMAN 5.3 because it can do it much faster, and using the same method you would manually to get the best results.

I didn’t see any banding, but it didn’t have to make large adjustments to get it right either. Almost all TV CMS systems have issues when you make large adjustments. To get around those you’d need a Lumagen with greater bit-depths for calculations.


Very good review, thank you. I also bought a last batch VT60 two years ago, based on the same arguments you mention here. Its a shame to see them go, same for the tech for that matter. Its the best TV i´ve owned, amazing performance. I´d recommend it to anyone who can locate a unit new/used. Good luck.


I got a 55″ VT50 via Craigslist for $500 from a guy who wanted to upgrade to 4k. You are right. Stunning quality. After returning 3 LED TVs, this is night and day better.


Great price for an amazing set. Just yesterday was watching something on a 2015 led samsung in a different room and i must say that once used to the VTs, all else looks so cheap. *I do have some burn in that needs attention, be carefull with bright settings & pixel orbiter off


I am still rocking my 50 inch version of this for gaming/movies.
Everyone who sees it is blown away. There is no contest.
I can only pray it wont die on me until something better actually comes up (OLED is a bit risky now).

But who am i kidding, if it breaks, ill just find the way to fix it (most of the time its something easy to replace).

Peter Szabadi

Dear Chris!

I couldn’t fint the calibrated settings for dark room in your article. Could you maybe send it to me?
I would be so grateful!!