Sharp LC-32LE653U LCD TV Review

Bench Tests

All calibrations are done using SpectraCal’s CalMAN software using an i1Pro2 spectrometer and a C6 colorimeter. I target the Rec.709 color gamut that is the HDTV standard and the BT.1886 gamma target. APL 18% patterns are used as they work equally well on an LCD or other technologies and most closely mimic the average picture level of film content. Testing for deinterlacing and chroma resolution are done using Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark Version 2 and the Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray player.

Pre-calibration I used the Movie mode and set the backlight close to 40 foot-Lamberts of brightness. The main flaw in the image is that the grayscale gets reddish as you get closer to 100%. Gamma tracks close to the BT.1886 standard and the color accuracy is very good. We see a contrast ratio over 3,000:1 which is very good for a 32” TV.

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Post-calibration the grayscale improves but the colors suffer a bit. Cutting back on Red in the grayscale cuts and gains also causes the skin tones to shift in the color checker. I find that the improvement to grayscale is more important to me than the loss of accuracy in skin tones, but 99% of people buying this TV are never going to adjust this. Really you’re choosing to pick one flaw over another one, and you’re having to pay someone to calibrate this for it to happen. So buy the TV, set it to Movie mode, and let it be. You’ll be just fine.

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The Sharp has no issue locking onto the cadence of 60i TV content and deinterlacing it correctly. The contrast ratio of 3,000:1 is very good and the 28ms of lag is good for gaming. I wish Sharp didn’t hide the button to enable 1:1 pixel mapping, or enabled it by default, but if you know to look at the remote you can find it.

Calibration Summary
Measurement Pre-Calibration Post-Calibration
Contrast Ratio: 3163:1 3125:1
White Level: 39.6 ftL 38.9 ftL
Black Level: 0.013 ftL 0.013 ftL
Gamma Point: 2.54 2.54
Average Grayscale dE2000: 3.23 1.80
Average Saturations dE2000: 1.88 1.19
Average Color Checker dE2000: 1.96 1.78
Summary: Pre-calibration in Movie mode is basically as good as Post-calibration. Just set it to Movie, adjust the backlight to fit the room, and you are good to go.


  • Name says this tv has 38 ms of lag.

    • PCMag reviewed the 43″ version while I reviewed the 32″ version. While they are the same model line, there can be differences between screen sizes and apparently this is one of those.

  • Sup3rhoro

    is it android tv?

    • No, only the higher-end Sharp TVs (UHD/4K) are running Android TV. These are still running custom apps.