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Mike D

Go Sonos!! You guys completely kick a$$ and are the future of in-home audio. My SONOS is the showcase and party-enabler of my entire neighborhood. Keep it coming!!

[…] that we are moving to wireless speaker systems, be it Sonos or Samsung or using Airplay, we no longer have copper wire carrying the signal to each speaker. Our […]


been a sonos fan for 10 years My new play1 keeps dropping off the system, and the iphone app doesnt let you recnnect. Have to do it from the pc which is a pain. AND now one of my pair has just gone dead, seems a common problem from forums. SONOS need to catch up

I started to have the dropping issue after replacing my router, but fixing the issues with the router (disabling the guest network) fixed this issue. I know other people are seeing this as well and it is annoying. I don’t know if it’s a network issue, or a hardware issue, but in my case it was a network issue.