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Really ,how a single speaker without tweeter can reproduce that pictured 10khz-20khz line you have there

The method for taking the measurements is linked in that section. It’s the same method that companies like Revel/Harman would use for in-room measurements. What it can’t include in distortion, only frequency response. So certain tones will certainly have higher distortion than using separate drivers.

However, companies like Zu manage to produce great sound with single, full range drivers and you avoid any issues with crossovers and voicing that might happen.


i just bought it,but as suspected no highs ,i hear the sound up to 10khz and the highs are muffled

Having listened to almost every competing sound bar in the price range, the Sony is one I still stand behind. It was the favorite of my blind listening panel in the price range.


Any chance you can compare it to the bigger brother HT-CT660?

I have never heard the HT-CT660 unfortunately.

Matthew Bruce

I have a full Sony 5.1 surround system/blu ray player set up (Sub, 4 corner speakers & small centre speaker) – Can this sound bar integrate & play with them and play with the rest of my Sony set up??


I’ve just purchased a Sony sound bar with wireless sub whoofer,I’ve connected it up to my play station 4 but cannot get the sound from normal tv (I have an lg tv) ang suggestions

How is everything connected? Knowing that would help determine what might be going on.

No, the Sony HT-CT260H has no ability to add surround speakers at all. If a sound bar doesn’t include surround speakers, very few let you add it on later. The Sonos Playbar is one of the few that does but that is about it.


Is the best soundfield stereo or just standard?

Stereo offers a more neutral response curve I found.


Thanks for the fast reply!


“The bass is accentuated a bit but you can adjust the subwoofer down a bit more if this bothers you.”

But what should be the most balanced SW level? ( default: +2) And are the best settings for the bass and treble level just 0?

Bass is far more affected by the room than the treble and midrange. The proper setting really depends on your room and the location of the sub.


Is there a difference between the SW-level and the Bass-level?

Bass can cover a much larger range than the subwoofer. The subwoofer might run up to 160Hz but bass, in that setting, could be to 500Hz (Sony doesn’t say). So the SW-level is meant to match the subwoofer to the sound bar, as room position can really change the SW level. Bass is meant to boost the overall bass level, from the subwoofer and the bar. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.


this soundbar has had issues pairing w/ my new samsung 65j6300.. i need to reconnect manually every time i turn the tv on through hdmi cec otherwise it keeps switching back and forth between tv speakrs and receiver..

HDMI CEC is a huge pain. In the simplest setup (TV + Blu-ray player) it often works right, but with a receiver I never can get it to work correctly. With a sound bar it sometimes works right, and sometimes doesn’t sync. It just seems to not be a good standard for reliable use.


yea.. i dont know why every company labels it their own name.. and i dont know if they change specs beyond the name.. but it worked fine w/ my Bravia (obviously) and also w/ my brand new Vizio.. but the new Samsung is having problems.. annoying really

Ivan Nicholson

The sound is not working

I have had mine for around 4 years and also replaced my previous5.1 surround (moved it to another room) with this sound bar model. Yes the sub does not immediately link, that has always been that way since purchasing. It is now not playing music from the bar, only from the sub. I called Sony and they made me feel my sound bar was ancient and out of date! I understand I had this for 4 years but to have it stop working is so unfortunate. So this is likely the last Sony product I buy