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Raul Soriano


i have the same sub and i place the volume just midway. I find it very soft. Should i cranked the volume say three quarters or full?



Hi Chris,

I’m considering two SB’S-1000’s to smooth the response in an 1,800 cu/ft room. With two PB-1000’s do you think I’ll still encounter significant distortion in the 25-20hz range based on your experience and measurements? It is 100% home theater. And I play it somewhat loud but not at reference levels.



Whoops, I meant to write PB, instead of SB– definitely looking dual ported for HT.

Carlos Fernandez

3 o´clock. Do you have the volume at 75%? My room has 13 m2 and I put my 200W RMS subwoofer at 60%. Although it depends of the movie (Tron Legacy 55% for example, Godzilla 50%). It looks like you put the bass very loud.

May be for that you think that in Tron Legacy, they have gone too far with the bass :)

Before I had a sub with 400W and I only could put it at 25/30% of volume.

My room is 68m^2 so I have a lot more space to fill with any subwoofer. Again, it’s different for everyone and the only way to do it right is with an SPL meter to find the appropriate level to match the rest of the system. You shouldn’t have to change between movies either, some soundtracks just run the bass a bit hotter than others.

Carlos Fernandez

ok, that changes the things. Your room is very big.

Before I never changed the volume. But each engineer put the “LFE” in each movie with different volume. If I wanna be happy with the bass in the race of “The Phantom Menace”, i need 60%. But that volume in movies as Godzilla, is a crazy in my room:)

I have polk dsw550 (30hz -3db) and I´m happy, but in the future I´ll buy PB1000. 19 hz is a tentation for home-theater. Thanks for you review.

David Zimmerman

Did you mean cubic or square meters? If square, as you wrote, your room is very large (over 6000 cubic feet). As such it not suited for a pb1000 and you would definitely not feel it in your chest. Your reviewing environment is sqewed to favour large and/or multiple subs.

Now if you meant cubic feet then your room is small.

Most serious reviews comment on the appropriateness of this ported 10 for music/movies. While the tuning frequency is low enough to mitigate phase rotation and group delay, reviewers still find it sounds less appealing for demanding music. Do you know if it’s possible to plug the PB1000 into a 10″ version of the SB1000? I know there’s DSP in there to flatten low-frequency response. Wondered if you or someone has tested this alteration.