SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review

SVS PB-1000


Drivers10" Driver
Amplifier300 watts RMS (700 watts peak)
InputsLFE, Stereo RCA, Speaker Level
Sub TypePorted
Dimensions18.4" x 15" x 18.4"
Weight46 lbs.
Review DateJune 11, 2013


A quiet, peaceful dinner in the middle of Zero Dark Thirty is suddenly interrupted by a surprise car bomb. Tables and chairs fly around the room as shrapnel fills the air. Characters are dazed and confused as chaos surrounds everyone. The scene on-screen certainly surprised you, but did it jar you awake and out of your seat? Without a subwoofer to shake your room as that bomb explodes, you remained a passive observer, watching safely from the couch. You need a subwoofer to pull you into that hotel dining room and make you feel that concussive blast.

Drivers:10" Driver
Amplifier:300 watts RMS (700 watts peak)
Inputs:LFE, Stereo RCA, Speaker Level
Sub Type:Ported
Dimensions:18.4" x 15" x 18.4"
Weight:46 lbs.
Review Date:June 11, 2013
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SVS has been one of the true success stories of the Internet direct revolution.  Selling their subs online from their headquarters in Ohio, SVS has garnered critical acclaim over the years while putting out a product that completely skews the value rating of other subwoofers.  They have recently expanded out to full speaker systems as well, but the subwoofer remains their core product.  Trying to cement their value reputation, they introduced a pair of $499 subwoofers: A 10” ported model, the SVS PB-1000, and the 12” sealed SB-1000. Finding myself in need of a subwoofer, I went ahead and ordered the SVS PB-1000 for myself.

The SVS PB-1000 is a standard ported-box design. Utilizing a 10” woofer and a front port, SVS measures the PB-1000 as being capable of playing down to 19 Hz. The amplifier on the rear is a 300-watt model that is capable of 700-watt peaks. The SVS PB-1000 can be integrated into a home theater or a stereo system easily thanks to the speaker level, line level, and LFE inputs on the amplifier.

The rest of the amp is very standard, with controls for volume, phase, and crossover frequency. There is no EQ on the SVS amplifier, so you’ll have to rely on your receiver for that. Despite only having a 10” woofer, the SVS PB-1000 isn’t a small box and will look pretty sizable in a living room. The 46 lb. weight is heavy enough to reassure you that quality parts and construction are here, but light enough to easily heft around a room. For my testing, I hooked it up to an Anthem MRX 500 receiver and used Anthem Room Correction to EQ the sub, so it would perform at its optimum.

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And with that Po unleashes the Wuxi Finger Hold upon the evil Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda. A massive wave of sound rattles the walls of my room and the countryside on-screen. The SVS PB-1000 leaves nothing to the imagination about the impact of that secret power. Even the walls of the AV rack rattle along with the room. Every punch, thud, and building that was destroyed registers, transforming background entertainment into engrossing action.

Tron: Legacy may only be a fair movie, but with the Daft Punk soundtrack and killer sound mix, it is an amazing demo. The light cycle battle delivers a veritable massage on my couch from the SVS PB-1000. The room shakes as I realize they might have gone too far with the bass. One thing I am certain of it that I was happy no one else was home at the time to wake up. I kept checking out the windows, expecting neighbors to investigate the massive bass rumblings that were going on.

What the SVS PB-1000 can’t do is punch you in the chest. The room will shake, the floor will vibrate, and loose items may fall off the shelves. You’ll know when a shotgun blast goes off and a car crashes, and you’ll be sucked in. But you won’t get that physical beati