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  1. Because performance is compared to every speaker out there, regardless of price. The value lets you see that it’s a great speaker for it’s price, but it still has an overall sound that is good, but not as good as the best speakers out there. Does that make more sense?

  2. How would you compare this to the andrew jones pioneer line? The SVS cost 2-3x more, do you think that it delivers sound that justifies this increase in cost? Thanks for all your reviews, I base a lot of my shopping around them!

    • I don’t know that Mark, who did the SVS review, has heard those in his room, and I’ve heard them but not the SVS in my room. Unfortunately that leaves me unable to directly compare them and offer advice on that. Sorry.

    • If you look at the measurements that are linked, you’ll see that the distortion begins to rise very fast below 80Hz. Because of this, having a crossover at 80Hz to pass that to a subwoofer, which should have less distortion at lower output levels, will result in the best quality.

      • Thank you! I read you had the towers about 18 inches from the back wall toed in. I have mine around 8 inches from the back wall and not toed in. Do you suggest I place them further out or even closer to the wall? Toed in or not?
        How does further or closer to the back wall and toed in or not change the sound?

        • The closer to the wall the more impact it’ll have on bass as the wall will help to amplify it. Toed in or not is up to what sounds best to you. It’ll adjust the soundstage and imaging, so just listen to it both ways and decide what you like most.

  3. Have you heard the Axiom M60 V4 towers? I was wondering if you did how do they compare to the Prime Towers.

    • This is where assigning a score runs into issues. When it comes to performance, should that be compared to products of the same price, or all speakers? If you do products of the same price, then does a value rating have any impact? We try to gear performance towards everything in the category to a degree, but we’re also always thinking about this.

      The overall score isn’t a simple average either. There’s an upcoming review that’s a 5 for performance, a 3 for value, and a 5 overall because the product is just fantastic. But this is always something we’re trying to work on.

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