SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer Review


Amplifier1500 watt continuous RMS, 5000+ watt peaks
InputsRCA, XLR
Sub TypeSealed
Dimensions20” x 19.5” x 22.9”
Weight122 lbs.
Review DateFebruary 2, 2017
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While many AV components, like TVs and Blu-ray players, keep getting smaller, subwoofers keep getting bigger. A decade ago a 12” subwoofer was considered large but in the world of 15” and even dual 18” drivers those now seem quaint in comparison. In 2016 SVS joined the world of larger subwoofers by introducing models with a 16” driver. The SVS SB16-Ultra is a sealed 16” subwoofer that includes room correction features and Bluetooth support. With a powerful 1500 watt amplifier and a beautiful piano black finish, the SB16-Ultra delivers more than enough deep, powerful, tight bass for all but the largest rooms.

Brand New Driver

At the heart of the SVS SB16-Ultra is a brand new 16” driver. With an 8” voice coil the driver alone weighs 64 lbs. As you can imagine, a driver this large leads to a subwoofer that is heavy. The driver offers 78mm (over 3”) of peak-to-peak excursion which you can see in action when you turn the volume up. The amplifier is 1500 watts with 5000+ watt peaks offering plenty of power for when that driver needs it. All this is inside an MDF cabinet that in a black oak or  glossy piano black finish. In the end the whole package weighs 122 pounds once you get it out of the box.

One feature that sets the SVS SB16-Ultra apart from other online subwoofer companies is the control built into the amplifier. You can control the SB16-Ultra with the included remote control or with your iOS or Android phone over Bluetooth. The apps and remote give you full access to controls including volume, crossover, phase, room gain, and a 3 band parametric EQ. The 3-band EQ allows you to make 3 adjustments with frequency, boost, and Q-factor for all three. Most subwoofers don’t include EQ unless you spend much more than the $2,000 the SB16-Ultra sells for.