SVS SoundPath Cables


Review DateJanuary 20, 2016
Price$38.96 for 8' pair

Cable talk is often a hot topic consisting of three main groups: on one end, those who just want the cheapest solution that works, on the other end are those willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for premium cables. In between are the value conscious buyers who still want high quality, but don’t believe in the perceivable benefits of expensive cabling. Reference Home Theater falls in the latter category and the new SoundPath cables from SVS feel right at home.

Build Quality / Looks / Performance

Review Date:January 20, 2016
Price:$38.96 for 8' pair
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Visually speaking, the SoundPath cables are easy on the eyes. Wrapped in black and blue braided jackets, both the RCA interconnects and speaker cables have the look of a premium product. If you are going the budget route, looks don’t matter, and you are cool with handling your own terminations, then by all means save some money with this Monoprice spool. What you get is a very generic, unfinished looking speaker cable that gets the job done. Bear in mind that, in our personal experience, unsoldered terminal connections often come apart. Sometimes it’s best to leave the soldering to the professionals, I know in my case it is!

SVS offers a couple of termination options for their speaker cable: spade and banana connectors in any combination. Use spades to connect on the speaker end and banana on the amplifier end, it is up to you. Personally, I prefer the ease of banana plugs. SVS uses 24K gold-plated beryllium copper banana plugs that fit snuggly into my amp and speaker terminals. SVS terminates and solders each cable by hand to a custom length of your choice. Starting at just under $44 shipped, this is a very nice cable for the price. Cost goes up with a longer length but not by much. Just $48 for 8 foot, or twice the length of the base cost. Not bad!

SVS SoundPath Speaker Cable

SVS SoundPath Speaker Cable

The RCA interconnects are just as well constructed as the Ultra speaker cables and downright cheap at $24.99 a pair (1 meter long). Inside is a multi-strand copper cable surrounded by all the necessary insulation to reject RF and electromagnetic interference. This insulation is crucial on interconnects due to the low strength of the signals being passed through them as it leaves them more susceptible to interference. The gold-plated connectors fit snug and securely and have enough flex to keep your cables organized.