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  1. Nice to see a review of this set. Really interested in the 32″ M. Will you be reviewing it? I think there are enough differences to warrant a review, and it might have more picture controls. Thanks. Dan

  2. Check out Amazon reviews… It seems that the units are plagued by clicking, humming noise. Why can’t formal, professional reviews catch such things? And, report on them!

    • Amazon groups reviews together for a model, regardless of screen size. Almost all the reviews that mention humming or clicking are the 40″ model, with a 48″ and 50″ mixed in as well. None of them mention the 32″ model.

      If I hear or see issues during a review, I do report on it. Even if the company fixes it, I mention that it had to be fixed. However, not every set will have an issue, and it might not even be apparent in the review period which is why a review might not mention it. We just don’t have a set that has it, but it appears the 32″ model is free of this issue.

  3. Do you have any opinion on the latest version of this tv that comes with a 1080p display? New model number I see is E320FI-B2. Only spec difference on vizios site was the 1080 display. Also will I notice much of a difference between the 5w and the 10w speakers, b0, b1 use 5w the latest b2 has the 10w? Thanks!

    • I really don’t know about the speakers because I haven’t heard them all, but I imagine not. None of them will really sound great. As far as the 1080p one, I have not tested it, but if the only difference is resolution (and it’s still a VA-screen and not an IPS-screen as the M-series model is) I would stick to the 720p one. Past 3-4 feet you won’t see the difference and you can save the $20 or so. Unless you want it as a PC monitor, where you will be less than 2′ from it possibly, then you should probably spend the extra. I’ll ask and see if I can get more details.

  4. I’m looking at the Vizio 24″ which is 1080p. Might you have recommendations for settings? I’m getting it for the smallest size in a wi-fi TV for my teeny tiny kitchen.

    • I haven’t used the 24″ so I don’t know anything about it beyond the specs. Settings can vary from TV to TV and just copying them usually leads to a worse image instead of a better one. The best bet is a calibration disc with a Blu-ray player.

  5. This post was drafted over one year ago. I’m wondering whether Vizio has updated the Netflix App to the more modern version with profiles support.

    Do you know?

  6. hi, chris. actually, this is a comment on your recommended tcl smart
    roku tv. when using fast forward for a video on the usb drive, the
    picture review disappears, so you’re basically guessing at where to
    stop. did this sort of thing occur to you to check? thanks.
    [email protected]

    • I didn’t test video off a USB drive, since that’s a semi niche use case for most people. I would imagine it likely depends on the content format, the speed of the flash drive, and so on. With Netflix I noticed this would happen, but it stopped happening when I switched from cable internet to gigabit fiber, so it seems the source bandwidth was the limitation there.

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