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    • If the settings happen to appear in the screenshots then you can grab them there. Otherwise I don’t post specific settings, only the most accurate modes. Variations between individual products mean my settings are just as likely to make your TV worse instead of better and so I don’t publish them for that reason.

    • Is there no response because the answer is obvious? It isn’t to me…the Samsung has a beautiful picture but its much more expensive. The Vizio has a nice picture, and I prefer the design aesthetics of the case, not that that really matters so much. Samsung is a great name, but even though Vizio started off as an off-brand, I must say that the picture quality looks better than some of the higher end brands in the stores. But I wonder if that is due to calibration/store demo settings, or if they really are as nice as they look.

      Could someone answer this for me? You can find the Samsung on Amazon for not that much more as an open-box deal, about 50 bucks more. Is it worth it?


      • I haven’t reviewed the Samsung and I don’t like to offer an opinion where it’s only based on what I can read and not real-world experience. If someone else has experience with both, I hope they can chime in.

      • I have the Vizio M401-a3… I also checked out the Samsungs prior to purchase, but in the end the Vizio just out performed & out priced the competition. I LOVE my Vizio

  1. Greetings! I own this model, and I often notice static-like movement or a “jumping lines” effect on things like: hair, ties w/ patterns, trees, grass, the outside of buildings (I.E. the intro scene to The Dark Knight) etc. I notice mostly while watching TV and Blu Rays (via PS4) but not as much while watching Netflix (via the TV’s Netflix App.) Could it be because of the refresh rate that I NOW know is a true 60hz, or because of the PS4? How close is the “effective rate” of 120hz to a panel of 120hz? Thanks a lot for your insight!

    • Jumping lines sounds more like a scaling issue. Are you certain it is seeing a 1080p signal instead of a 720p signal? The effective 120Hz is done using a scanning backlight. This won’t really reduce motion blur like a true 120Hz panel can, and it won’t let you do true 24p playback or frame interpolation. It’s better than a normal 60Hz panel, but fewer and fewer displays now are regular panels without any backlight tricks.

      For the PS4 I really can’t comment there as I’ve yet to test one out. Sorry about that.

  2. Chris I captured the settings from your screen shots I own the m 50 vizio I assume the calibration would be similar thanks

  3. My M401i-A3 received a firmware update (to version V1.09.42.0080) on 3/5/14. Have been struggling with chronic sound sync problems ever since.

    TV can only go about 10-15 minutes on a given cable channel before a sound bite stutters/repeats (sometimes two or three times) while video continues. Sound eventually picks back up but remains 2-3 seconds behind video.

    Only way to restore proper sync is to change channel then change back. Now having to do this 4-5 times to make it through an hour-long show. This can’t go on!

    Anyone else dealing with this since firmware update? Such a shame because this TV had been flawless up until then.

    One other thought: could it be an issue with input from cable box (TimeWarner in Brooklyn, NY)? I’ve noticed that recorded feeds from “Start Over” option have same issue; you can often see a bit of pixelation of video when sound bite stutter/repeat occurs (don’t notice that when it happens in live feeds), but sound ends up 2-3 seconds behind video. Only way to sync back up is to rewind to point of stutter and hope recorded feed rides through the hiccup, which generally does happen after a try or two.

    Perhaps the onset of this was just an unfortunate coincidence with firmware update? Could it be that that just masked an issue with the input source? Nothing has changed with cable box or HDMI cable in input setup as far as I know.

    Really appreciate any help. Would hate to have to return/replace what was otherwise such a perfect TV.

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