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Could you share the settings you used after calibration?

No. I wrote an article about why I don’t do this, and the short version is because it’s more likely to give you worse performance than using the default settings. You can read the full article here: https://referencehometheater.com/2013/commentary/sharing-calibration-settings-results-compared/

Gonzo in OC

Uh, NO! I won’t be giving any other write ups from you any clicks. Others have posted their calibration data without trying to dissuade others from trying them. For many, calibration data is an excellent baseline.

But you hold tight to yours. We’ll get over it. Actually, over it. Out!

That’s fine. We stand behind our reasoning.


Chris, Thanks for the great information. I am considering this set, but watch a lot of sports via Directv and am concerned about the 60hz refresh rate, and motion blurring. You mention that football looks great on this set after making a few adjustments. First, how bad is motion blurring with sports on this set? I am looking for a set that we can watch sports, movies, broadcast TV and Netflix streaming without constantly having to make adjustments/change picture modes. Would this be a good choice or should I wait for a new 2016 model that has a 120hz refresh… Read more »


I can’t get volume on the tv speakers since I removed the no-longer-functioning surround system from it. Even at 100% volume, I can barely hear it. I tried a sound bar (rca) and have the same issue with the sound bar. No volume.