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  1. Chris, Thanks for the great information. I am considering this set, but watch a lot of sports via Directv and am concerned about the 60hz refresh rate, and motion blurring. You mention that football looks great on this set after making a few adjustments. First, how bad is motion blurring with sports on this set? I am looking for a set that we can watch sports, movies, broadcast TV and Netflix streaming without constantly having to make adjustments/change picture modes. Would this be a good choice or should I wait for a new 2016 model that has a 120hz refresh rate and handles motion better?

  2. I can’t get volume on the tv speakers since I removed the no-longer-functioning surround system from it. Even at 100% volume, I can barely hear it. I tried a sound bar (rca) and have the same issue with the sound bar. No volume.

    • The only suggestion I have is to make sure that you re-enabled the internal speakers in the Audio section of the TVs menu since you can disable them when using a surround sound system or sound bar with it. Otherwise, it’s something you’d want to talk to Vizio about to figure out.

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