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  1. I have a Panasonic P60ST60 on the pedestal.
    Will the soundbar block the TV’s remote?
    Will the soundbar block some of the TV’s screen?

    • I don’t know how tall the ST60 pedestal is, but measuring the S5451W-C2 just now, it is slightly over 4″ tall. I’d use 4.25″ to be safe. If the IR sensor for the ST60 is higher than that you’ll be safe.

  2. Are you the same Chris on Anandtech? If so I know I can trust your review. Do you happen to know if the 5430 and the 5451 use the same 3.0 bar? Or are they different? I only ask because I have a powered sub and surrounds already and could save money just buying the 5430. Thanks

    • Yes, I write for AnandTech as well. While the bars have the same drivers, the 5430 doesn’t have the wireless transmitter for the subwoofer, and there are no pre-outs for surrounds on it. If you want to run surrounds you’ll need to get the 5451 and use the included ones.

    • Since the Dish remote usually uses volume controls that mimic a TV remote, yes, you should be able to. I’ve programmed it to use Panasonic and Sony remote codes easily, so it should be easy to do with a Dish remote as well.

    • So the frequency transmitters are preset ?
      There’s no way to change the frequency or swap the
      transmitter out with one that matches ? I’m groping here but I don’t
      really need another sub, I would like to take advantage of the satellites that connect to the sub.

      • Yeah, the frequency or something else is likely different. Pretty much the subs are designed to be used on the sound bar they came with and nothing else. Also, if you went with the 3-channel Vizio sound bar over the 5.1 channel version it doesn’t even include the wireless transmitter inside I don’t believe.

        • I do have the 5.1 so I think I’ll open it up and see what’s inside.
          If I have any success I’ll let you know.
          Thanks much for your response Chris.

  3. What frequency is the wireless subwoofer at? The reason I ask is the 2.4GHz is saturated where I live, so only 5GHz audio and WiFi works for me. Anything at 2.4GHz ( bluetooth, WiFi ) has spotty reception. Thanks!

    • I don’t know for certain, but I’d guess it uses the 2.4GHz band. I checked the FCC database but since it uses an off-the-shelf part Vizio doesn’t have to submit the sound bar or subwoofer for testing. Beyond that there is no info in the manual or on the FCC disclosure, so I’d assume it’s 2.4GHz as most things are now.

  4. Chris how would you compare this S5451 Vizio sound bar with the S4051?
    What will Vizio launch in 2016. Thinking of buying the S5451 but should I wait till 2016?


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