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5 years ago

Quite possibly one of the greatest receivers I have ever used. I originally read about it at http://pocinc.net/blog/product-reviews/review-yamahas-new-rx-a3040-aventage-11-2-channel-4k-receiver/ as they were one of the first to get a model to test out. I practically wet myself and waited patiently for it to hit the stores so that I could grab one. I feel as though I have anthem amps plugged into the mix at times. Especially when listening to SACD content. Love it love it love it! Even they gave it 10 out of 10.

Justin Myers
Reply to  James
5 years ago

lol, I was just reading that article the other day. My friend has one of those in his living room. I too can vouch. It sounds really good. I have a Denon at home and it doesn’t come close to the quality of his. A little too much for me though. I’m good with 5.1…….although their 7.2 version doesn’t seem so bad when it comes to price. We’ll see…