Pioneer Elite Atmos Speakers Featured

Pioneer Elite Atmos Speakers Review

Atmos was the break-out technology of the 2014 CEDIA Expo. Over a dozen companies were showcasing it in some manner with two distinct approaches. Many companies were using in-ceiling speakers, which being a custom install show should not be a surprise. Yet how many people do you know that are eager to drill and install […]

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OmniMount OE120IW TV Mount Review

The OE120IW, part of the OmniElite Series, is a brand new style from OmniMount featuring Ultra Low Profile in-wall installation. How do they obtain such a low profile? All the mounting hardware is situated inside the wall, between 2 studs. This allows the extension arm to retract into the gap between the studs and the […]

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SlingTV Review

Wednesday night I got to see Russell Westbrook take an inbounds pass in overtime, dash down the lane, and score with 0.8 seconds left to give the OKC Thunder a win at Washington. When I put the kids to sleep I sit there and read Twitter while I wait for them to finally fall asleep. […]

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Kaleidescape Alto Featured

Kaleidescape Alto Review

Kaleidescape Cinema One delivered the Kaleidescape system to people at a new price point, but caused confusion. You were able to import and playback your DVDs on the Cinema One, but Blu-ray discs were a bit different. You could import them, but to play them back required the disc to be in the player or […]

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Denon HEOS Featured

Denon HEOS Review

Denon is the latest player in the wireless home audio market with their HEOS system. Featuring three speakers of varying sizes, the HEOS 3, 5, and 7, Denon’s lineup has something for the most common room sizes. It also offers two more models for use with an existing system or with passive speakers. With pricing […]

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SVS Prime Tower Review

SVS built their reputation selling subwoofers, like the previously reviewed PB-2000, that are known to offer impressive performance at attractive prices. The company was able accomplish this by moving manufacturing overseas and marketing their equipment directly to consumers over the internet. Several years ago, SVS branched out from subwoofers and began offering speakers with the based […]

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Samsung UN55H8000 Featured

Samsung UN55H8000 Curved TV Review

In 2009 it was 3D. In 2012 it was 4K. The past year the big movement for TVs are curved screens. First arriving in OLED displays, now most manufacturers put a curve into their highest-end displays. The biggest question has always been: why? Movie theaters have used curved screens but often that is to compensate […]

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MartinLogan Motion Vision 60XT Featured

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Speaker Review

When you think MartinLogan, you probably think of giant electrostatic panels. As wonderful as those speakers sound, many people have neither the room nor the budget for a full sized electrostatic speaker. MartinLogan has addressed this market with their Motion line of speakers. Using an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) for the tweeter instead of a […]

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