JVC X550R Projector Review

Sometimes I wish I were an engineer. Being able to understand how products are different at the lowest level would help me see why some companies can do things that other ones cannot. Whenever I get in a projector from JVC I wonder how they can produce such deep, dark blacks that no other projector […]

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Roku Streaming Stick Featured - 1

Roku Streaming Stick (2016) Review

Roku has released two other Streaming Stick media players. Despite their superior selection of apps and user interface, competing sticks have been better. Prior Roku sticks are slow to boot and unresponsive to the remote, making the whole experience one you don’t want to come back to. With the new 2016 Streaming Stick, Roku has […]

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C4-EA5-03 Featured

Control4 EA-5 Controller Review

Despite what you would think, I rarely watch movies in my main home theater. I use it daily for testing gear and writing reviews but at night I’m more likely to turn on my VT60 in the living room. The main reason is just that the theater is big, and complex, and a pain to […]

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Denon AVR-X2200W Review

Every well known receiver company has an offering around $800. I’ve always found this to be a sweet spot for a receiver–you gain a more refined piece than entry level, but at a point that doesn’t sting as much as flagship models. As we have written before, receivers in this range sound quite similar, so […]

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Epson 1440 Projector

Epson 1440 Projector Review

The Epson PowerLight Home Cinema 1440 is an LCD based projector that offers exceptionally high light output in a convenient and approachable package. If your set-up requires lots of light, or if you enjoy watching your projector with the lights partially or even fully on – then the Epson 1440 is an excellent option. The […]

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JL Audio f112v2

JL Audio f112v2 Review

The JL Audio Fathom f112 has been highly praised in the audio community and the new version 2 arrives with some solid updates. Chief among them is the updated room calibration system. The Fathom subwoofers have a built-in system called D.A.R.O. or Digital Automatic Room Optimization. The previous models employed an analog system known as […]

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SlingTV: One Year In

The most exciting thing for me at CES 2015 was SlingTV. Here we had a TV provider that was actually looking forward instead of relying on a monopoly to get users. For $20 you got access to essential channels, including ESPN, that you could watch on almost any device. I could stream it to my […]

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BenQ HT2050 Angle - 1

BenQ HT2050 Projector Review

We reviewed two of BenQ’s new projectors for 2015, the HT3050 and HT4050, recently at Reference Home Theater. We found that they offered some improvements over the prior models while keeping the price close to the same. What we didn’t know is that the real star of the new lineup was the BenQ HT2050. For […]

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What are UltraHD Premium TVs?

The UltraHD Premium TV standard was announced at the 2016 CES Show, but what does that mean? After years of pushing 4K and UltraHD at consumers, is UltraHD Premium yet another standard? If you’ve already bought an UltraHD TV, is it an UltraHD Premium TV or is this something that is already making your TV […]

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