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    Epson LS10000 Projector Review

    The Epson LS10000 brings laser projection to the mainstream. At $8,000 it isn’t cheap but it offers great performance. The ...

Samsung UN65JS9000

Samsung UN65JS9000 SUHD TV Review

The introduction of 4K was only the first step to improving the home viewing experience. Now this year we see the introduction of TVs that are going to support High Dynamic Range (HDR) and expanded color gamuts. These TVs produce brighter highlights while still offering great shadow detail. We also will get to see movies […]

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SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

SVS has been known for their subwoofers but not associated with other speakers. Their Ultra line, released 2012, is a push to handle all the audio duties in a theater and not just the bass. Designed by Mark Mason, formerly of PSB and now head designer for Thiel, the Ultra Bookshelf speaker offers a lot […]

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Panasonic 65″ AX900U 4K LCD TV Review

For years Panasonic owned videophile display market. If you asked almost any reviewer what TV they should buy, it would invariably be a Panasonic plasma. Most of the reviewers I know, including myself, own a Panasonic plasma as our personal reference displays. When they left the plasma market we knew it was going to be […]

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SVS pc-2000 Featured

SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer Review

SVS has revamped their cylinder series of subwoofers with the new PC-2000: a 34” tall, downward firing room shaker. About the only thing in common with its predecessors is the cylindrical cabinet design. The PC-2000 features a new 12” driver from their 2000 series, 500 watt Sledge STA-500D Class D amp, and a rear firing […]

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Sharp LC-32LE653 Featured

Sharp LC-32LE653U LCD TV Review

I’ve taken a lot of grief over the past couple of years for saying you’ll be fine by only getting a 720p display for your 32” set. Even comparing 720p and 1080p sets side-by-side I can only see a difference when within 3-4’ of the screen. Since no one sits that close, the extra money […]

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Pioneer SC-85 Receiver Review

Over a year ago I reviewed the Yamaha CX-A5000 preamp which was one of the first to use the ESS SABRE 9016 DAC in a multi-channel product. The sound quality from this was well ahead of other preamps I had used but it is expensive at $2,500. Now Pioneer has used those same ESS DACs […]

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Samsung SUHD Calibration

On April 2nd in New York, Samsung held a press event to celebrate the release of their SUHD TVs. While these have actually been shipping for a bit now, some of the other models were not officially announced yet and the prices were unknown. Far more interesting to me, and many of the reviewers on-hand, […]

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Oppo PM-3 Headphones

Oppo PM-3 Headphones Review

The PM-3 is Oppo’s third planar magnetic headphone, following the PM-1 and PM-2. Unlike the PM-1 and PM-2, the Oppo PM-3 is a closed back design. Not only is outside noise reduced, allowing more of the music to be heard, music leakage from the headphone is also limited. The Oppo PM-3 utilizes a new 55mm […]

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Oppo HA-2 Review - 3 of 11

Oppo HA-2 Headphone Amp and DAC Review

Oppo’s previous personal audio releases, the HA-1 Headphone Amp and PM-1 and PM-2 headphones, scored very well with Reference Home Theater. Now they are supplementing their personal audio lineup with the new HA-2 Portable Headphone Amp and DAC. Even with the high bar set by their headphones, the Oppo HA-2 performs even better. Packed with […]

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