• CEDIA 2014 Pioneer (2 of 5)

    CEDIA 2014: Pioneer

    Pioneer offered up one of the best home theater demos that I heard at CEDIA 2014, and was one of ...

CEDIA 2014 Day 1.1 (3 of 6)

CEDIA 2014: JL Audio Fathom V2

Since their introduction, the JL Audio Fathom subwoofers have set the bar for sealed subwoofer performance. Coming in a relatively compact box, the Fathom line produces bass that can fill any room. Now JL Audio is updating them for the first time with the JL Audio Fathom V2. Still available in 10″, 12″, and 13″ […]

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CEDIA 2014 Podcast

After a day on the show floor, Geoff Morrison and I talk about everything we have seen. Dolby Atmos is the big story but also a big deal is the fact that many projectors and TVs seem to be missing in action at this point.

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CEDIA 2014: OmniMount OE120IW

A TV Mount isn’t something I’d usually post about. It’s hard to make a TV Mount exciting. They hang your TV on the wall and if they don’t fall off, they are doing their job. However, OmniMount had a very interesting looking one at the CEDIA Media Preview event that I thought deserved more coverage.

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2014 CEDIA Expo Preview

The 2014 CEDIA Expo starts today, September 10th in Denver, Colorado with a press preview day. The show floor opens on Thursday morning and there is a lot of excitement about what is going to be on the floor. There are quite a few things we know are going to be out in force, along […]

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Yamaha RX-A1040 Featured

Yamaha RX-A1040 Receiver Review

For a few years, I’ve given Yamaha a bad rap. After a pair of reviews that didn’t live up to what I expected, I decided that I wasn’t going to review much from them. That all changed when I reviewed their CX-A5000 processor and found it to be wonderful. Then they impressed me with amazing […]

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Grado SR60e Headphones Review

I won’t lie, I am spoiled by the recent flux of high-end planar magnetic headphones and haven’t listened to a $79 pair for quite some time. For a company with a reputation like Grado, I will make an exception. Grado Labs has been around since 1953 when Joseph Grado began making phono cartridges in his […]

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BDI Mirage 8224 Featured

BDI Mirage 8224 AV Cabinet Review

BDI is one of a handful of furniture companies that have built a solid reputation for constructing high quality units specifically targeted towards storage of audio and video gear. The Mirage line represents one of BDI’s more understated collections. I took a look at the BDI Mirage 8224 Double Component Cabinet. This small rack proved […]

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Vizio M322i-B1 Review

Earlier this year I reviewed the Vizio E320i-B2 TV which is an impressive 32” display. With good streaming content, a good image, and a low price it became my pick for the Best Small TV at The Wirecutter. Vizio has recently released the M-series model, the Vizio M322i-B1. While the styling is a little nicer, and […]

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