Paradigm Prestige 1000SW Subwoofer Review

Paradigm has released two subwoofers in its Reference Collection Prestige Series, the 1000SW and 2000SW. In for review is the smaller 1000SW which features a 1000 watt amp and 12” driver compared to the 2000SW’s 2000 watt amp and 15” driver. Each Prestige Series subwoofer includes the Paradigm PBK (Perfect Bass Kit) for automated room […]

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Vizio M43-C1 UltraHD TV Review

The Vizio M43-C1 offers UltraHD resolution, superior contrast ratios, and full array local dimming in an affordable package. The integrated streaming supports UltraHD from both Amazon and Netflix, the two main sources of UltraHD material today, and it has an HDMI input with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 support for the future. Finding another TV […]

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Epson LS10000 Projector Review

The Epson LS10000 brings laser projection to the mainstream. At $8,000 it isn’t cheap but it offers great performance. The contrast ratios are better than all non-JVC projectors I’ve used while offering more lumens than the JVC models. Colors are accurate and it offers almost the entire DCI/P3 color gamut for UltraHD Blu-ray. It runs […]

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Optoma HD37 Projector Review

The Optoma HD37 is a DLP based 1080p multimedia projector featuring a single 0.65” DC3 DMD chip. It features a rated 20,000:1 contrast, high light output with an advertised 2,600 lumens, and sharp, quality optics. It isn’t the quietest unit, especially when not in Eco mode, and it puts out quite a bit of heat, […]

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Harmony Home Control

I’ve been a fan of my Control4 system since I got it. It controls everything, works even with all my gear in cabinets, and is simple enough for my kids to operate once they turned 2. It isn’t something anyone can run out and buy. It takes a week long course for professional installers to […]

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Arcam Solo Bar Featured

Arcam Solo Sound Bar

Curiously as you spend more money on a sound bar, you often wind up with fewer features. You can find $300 sound bars with multiple HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, and an IR repeater. Once you get to more expensive, and often better sounding, sound bars that sell for $1,000 and up you find ones without any […]

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Samsung UN65JS9000

Samsung UN65JS9000 SUHD TV Review

The introduction of 4K was only the first step to improving the home viewing experience. Now this year we see the introduction of TVs that are going to support High Dynamic Range (HDR) and expanded color gamuts. These TVs produce brighter highlights while still offering great shadow detail. We also will get to see movies […]

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SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

SVS has been known for their subwoofers but not associated with other speakers. Their Ultra line, released 2012, is a push to handle all the audio duties in a theater and not just the bass. Designed by Mark Mason, formerly of PSB and now head designer for Thiel, the Ultra Bookshelf speaker offers a lot […]

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Panasonic 65″ AX900U 4K LCD TV Review

For years Panasonic owned videophile display market. If you asked almost any reviewer what TV they should buy, it would invariably be a Panasonic plasma. Most of the reviewers I know, including myself, own a Panasonic plasma as our personal reference displays. When they left the plasma market we knew it was going to be […]

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