BenQ HT2050 Angle - 1

BenQ HT2050 Projector Review

We reviewed two of BenQ’s new projectors for 2015, the HT3050 and HT4050, recently at Reference Home Theater. We found that they offered some improvements over the prior models while keeping the price close to the same. What we didn’t know is that the real star of the new lineup was the BenQ HT2050. For […]

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What are UltraHD Premium TVs?

The UltraHD Premium TV standard was announced at the 2016 CES Show, but what does that mean? After years of pushing 4K and UltraHD at consumers, is UltraHD Premium yet another standard? If you’ve already bought an UltraHD TV, is it an UltraHD Premium TV or is this something that is already making your TV […]

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JL Audio f112v2

JL Audio f112v2 Preview

The JL Audio f112 was highly praised among the audio community and the new JL Audio f112v2 arrives with some solid updates. Chief among them is the updated room calibration system. The Fathom subwoofers have a fully built-in system called D.A.R.O. or Digital Automatic Room Optimization. The earlier models employed an analog system known as A.R.O. which is […]

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Denon AVR-S710W Left

Denon AVR-S710W Review

Trying to pick a future-proof receiver in 2014 was a challenge. You had to pick between full bandwidth HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 copy protection, and DTS:X didn’t even exist yet. No matter what option you picked, you knew that in the next year or two you might need to replace it if you got […]

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Epson 1440 Projector

Epson 1440 Projector Preview

Epson sent me the Epson Home Cinema 1440 just this week – as it happens just before the NFL playoff conference championships. With plenty of down time this weekend due to the blizzard in NYC I was able to get the projector up on the ceiling in time for some friends to come over and […]

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ultra_hd_blu-ray_logo copy

UltraHD Blu-ray Database

In March 2016 we finally see the launch of the UltraHD Blu-ray player format with a $400 player from Samsung and titles from many studios. These UltraHD discs will likely be the best sources of UltraHD content at home. This new format offers 10-bits per pixel instead of the 8-bits of Blu-ray for better gradients […]

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Monoprice Tube Amp in Use

Monoprice Tube System Giveaway

For the recent holiday season, Monoprice was kind enough to send over their new hybrid tube amp along with a pair of speakers and speaker cables. The hybrid tube amp features 15 watts of power with 25 watt peaks, an analog input along with a Bluetooth 4.0 input, and a front headphone output. The tube […]

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SVS SoundPath Both

SVS SoundPath Cables

Cable talk is often a hot topic consisting of three main groups: on one end, those who just want the cheapest solution that works, on the other end are those willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for premium cables. In between are the value conscious buyers who still want high quality, but […]

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Epson 2045 - 1 (1)

Epson 2040 LCD Projector Review

We’ve reviewed a number of sub-$1,000 projectors here but they’re all had one thing in common: they are DLP-based. For many people, this is just fine, but all DLP projectors have one drawback in rainbows. If you don’t see rainbows, then this isn’t a problem for you and you may not even know what they […]

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