Today $2,000 gets you a tremendous home theater system. Not just a component, or a pair of cables, but the whole deal. There are some great values out there that let you put together a system that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy for a long time. You’ll probably stop going to the movie theater as much since you will enjoy the home viewing experience far more. We offer both direct view and projection options, and even a $1,000 package if you want to start out smaller.

$2000 TV System | $2000 Projection System | $1000 Budget System

$2000 TV System

Sony X900E 55” LCD TV

The Sony X900E is the best TV we’ve looked at this year for this price range. It does HDR much better than other sets in this price range, while a full array backlight makes SDR look very good as well. The design and features are great, and it can stream from almost any source.

$1200 from Amazon

Upgrade: If you want the best image quality, get the LG B7A OLED which looks better with everything. For a larger image, but slightly lower image quality, the Vizio M65-E0 is your pick.

Denon AVR-S730H Receiver

For a receiver, the Denon AVR-S730H is our pick by offering 7.1 channels in case you decide to update to Atmos later. It is easy to set up as it walks you through everything, can drive any speaker you’re likely to use it with, and the HEOS integration offers lots of streaming services for internet audio.

$480 from Amazon

Upgrade: The Denon AVR-S930H has more HDMI inputs, but it’s hard to do better without spending 2x as much.

Pioneer 5.1 Speaker System

The Andrew Jones-designed speakers for Pioneer sound much better than you expect them to for the price. This 5.1 system has matching drivers so voices will sound the same from all the speakers. If you want to add Atmos, Pioneer sells matching Atmos modules for them that pair perfectly with our receiver pick.

$410 from Amazon

Upgrade: The Q Acoustics 3000 system is better than the Pioneer in both sound and build quality, but doesn’t offer Atmos modules that the Pioneer does.


For your AV system, there might be a few accessories you’ll need to round it out.

$2000 Projection System


Epson Home Cinema 2100

The Epson Home Cinema 2100 is very bright even in the quiet Eco mode, has accurate colors and good shadow detail. A USB port lets you power a media streamer stick for movie nights on the go, and you won’t suffer from any rainbow artifacts while watching.

$650 from Amazon

Upgrade: Projectors in the $1000-1500 price range don’t offer the same level of value, so if you want to step-up, go all the way to the Epson HC4000 with 4K, HDR, and WCG support.

Silver Ticket Screen

A basic white screen is easy to design and Silver Ticket does the best job for the price. Easy to assemble, neutral with no color tint, and a price that is much less than any screen that comes close to the performance. Available in standard 16×9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios.

$250 from Amazon

Receiver and Speakers

A projection system can use the same picks from our TV system without any worries.


The same accessories from the TV system also apply here, except you might want a nice projector mount that’s easy to adjust instead of the TV mount. We use this one from Peerless because it’s easy to install, hold almost any projector, and makes lining it up with the screen perfectly a simple task.

$1000 Budget System

Maybe you’re just starting out in home theater, have a smaller budget, or are looking for a secondary system that costs less. If that is the case, this basic $1000 system has you covered.


The TCL has an integrated Roku, does 4K resolution with HDR including Dolby Vision, displays wide color gamut, and looks amazing for the price. The remote even lets you use headphones to listen at night without disturbing anyone.

$650 from Amazon

Yamaha YAS-207

The Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar does virtual surround, so you get the effect of rear speakers without having to run extra wires or boxes around your room. The sound quality is top-notch for the price, and with HDMI CEC the remote control from the TCL TV can control it without needing to add-on a universal remote.

$300 from Amazon

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