Triad Speakers Factory Tour

What do you see if you visit the headquarters of a speaker company?  It certainly depends on which one you visit, as most now have moved their product manufacturing offshore to a degree, so you might not really see much.  That certainly isn’t the case at Triad Speakers in Portland, OR, where almost everything is designed, prototyped, manufactured, assembled, and tested in-house.

From the initial job of designing the speakers in CAD programs, to generating and testing prototypes, to CNC machining, painting, assembling, and testing, you can see everything happen in-house at Triad as I did when they provided me with a tour recently.  I have to say that I left their factory more impressed than I had been when I arrived, and the almost total lack of any pre-assembled product was something I didn’t expect to see at all.

You can head on over to the Secrets CAVE and read my full article, Triad Speakers Factory Visit, to see everything that I saw and really get a feeling for what all goes into the production of a high-end, custom loudspeaker.

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