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Epson Home Cinema 3500 Projector Review

Projection setups are no longer only limited to the dedicated home theater. More and more I get asked by people what projector or screen they should buy to use in a living room. Rooms where you’ll have the lights off at night for watching a movie, but also want to be able to watch a game during the day, or be able to have some lights on in the room so it is more like a home and not a cavern. Two things help a projector out in a situation like this: install flexibility and light output.


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BenQ HT1075 Projector Review

BenQ’s newest budget home theater projector, the HT1075, comes at us with more installation flexibility and improved speakers. Like its predecessor, the W1070, the BenQ HT1075 won’t break the bank, retailing for $1199 and already selling on Amazon for $999. The BenQ HT1075 uses a 1920×1080 DarkChip3 DLP engine along with a 6x speed six segment RGBRGB color wheel to produce an image. This is also a very bright projector, producing 1251 lumens in low lamp mode and 1832 lumens in normal mode. DLP often offers sharper visuals over other technologies and that is the case with the BenQ HT1075. Images are sharp and clear, revealing subtle details. (more…)

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