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  1. I was under the impression that even though the x550r did not have the full wide color gamut range, it did have some of it. Does it only accept an HDR signal or is it also able to display some of the expanded color space?

    • The JVC projectors recently have been able to do the AdobeRGB color gamut. This is larger then sRGB, but comes up far short of the DCI or Rec.2020 colorspaces. The issue is that content like UltraHD Blu-ray currently puts HDR content inside of a container that uses the Rec.2020 colorspace. Because the JVC is so short of this, it’s impossible to calibrate it to accurately map these colors. So you can get an expanded color gamut, but not by much, and it won’t be that accurate.

    • The JVC offers much better black levels, can process HDR and WCG with a wider color gamut, and has remote control for lens setup. It’s a much better projector for most things, though worse at gaming with higher input lag.

      • How does the Epson 5040 compare? Is the JVC better on motion and panned shots with less stuttering to motion.

        • The JVC was here long before the Epson, but JVC usually has more issues with motion than other projectors. The issues I ran into with the Epson might have been related to 24p content sent in a 60p container and failing to do the pull-down correctly, which lots of displays can fail on. I didn’t watch enough 60Hz sports to verify this because I didn’t think about it in time.

  2. Hi Chris. I have had the X550R for over a year now and have been very impressed with this projector. I recently purchased the Oppo 203 4K UHD player. Could you explain the calibration process for optimal HDR with the X550R and what yielded you the best results? I’ve had my projector professionally calibrated and the picture is sensational with 1080P and 4K content but we are at a loss on how to optimally calibrate HDR for this projector. Thanks in advance!

  3. I have the JVC DLA-X550R Projector and am intending us a google chromecast ultra for viewing Netflix on it.Is this possible as I use a Denon AVR-X4300H Receiver for the audio. If this is possible how do you hook this up as the chromecast ultra apparently is video only when attached tot the projector.

    • To get audio you’ll need to connect the Chromecast Ultra to the Denon, and then connect the Denon to the JVC. Since the Denon has HDMI 2.0a inputs, it will pass the video signal just fine and then you’ll have audio from the Denon as well.

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