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Very cool. Can you add some pictures of the final room, please?

I need to clean up the AV room first, but plan to do that early this week and add some photos of it in a completed (for now) state.

Erik Johnson

If I am going to have some strong subs and my room is as small as yours, could i get away with LCR of 3160’s vs. LR of 5160 u think?

You will be fine. They should sound basically identical with subs if you have the receiver or processor doing bass management.

Erik Johnson

Thanks Chris.. I’m in your same situation where ill need to make boxes for the Ci200RR’s. I want to use them for surrounds and rears and 2 Atoms ceilings. I have the space in the ceiling so those will be fine but the 4 on the walls will need boxes. I have read everything you put here.. any other guidance on building these boxes?

I’d say just to make sure to get heavy duty MDF, use as many screws and glue as you need, and use some caulk to make sure everything is as sealed as it can be. It’s also useful to have more woodworking experience than I have.

Erik Johnson

did you put any material in the boxes before installing the speaker? in your opinion are the Ci200RR’s worth the price? versus as the Ci200QR’s?

I put this inside of them:
I didn’t listen to the Ci200QR, I just wanted everything to match as closely as possible as a reference theater.