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    • haha, I realize it probably sounds like that, but I really love the PM-3. They are a fantastic headphone.

      • Stephen,

        I just ordered these and should get them by next week. I’m a bit worried about the clamping. I have the Sony MDR-1As and had the AKG K550s before. BOTH are very comfortable. I initially had the Sennheiser HD 598s as well, but they were a bit too tight on my head. How would you rate the clampingness (I just invented that word btw lol) of the PM-3s vs the 598s? Are they less tighter? How about to the other two? Please offer as much detail as you can.

        Thank You,


        • They are not tight on my clampness scale. I’m pretty sensitive to headphones that clamp too hard. Since I wear glasses, too much pressure can cause pain around the area the glasses rest on my ears. I can use the PM-3’s all day long without an issue. I think you will be happy with the comfort on these.

          • Stephen,

            Thank you VERY much for the quick but more importantly detailed response!

            I totally get what you mean about wearing headphones with glasses on. I don’t wear glasses (at home I do, but not when I have headphones on) but contacts instead, so that shouldn’t really be an issue for me. Some ppl I knew thought the HD 598s were very comfortable, I just didn’t share that viewpoint. A few of the reviews I’ve read elsewhere on the PM-3s seemed to allude to the opinion that they were a bit tight. Your response however seems to disprove that completely since wearing glasses in my opinion would make you more sensitive to extra clamping, and you’re saying that’s not the case at all. Very cool!

            Yes I hope so! I’m very much looking forward to testing them out against my current headphones, the Sony MDR-1As. A review of the PM-3s on C|Net stated that PM-3s sounded noticeably better, and for around the same price (the 1As were $299), which really got my attention (I got the PM-3s for only $369 + free shipping from a reputable seller in Hong Kong).

            Your review was great btw! It really covered all bases and I like the review summary info as well. Very helpful.

            Your comparison to the HE-400i headphones though does interest and sort of worry me too. lol I know they are a bit more expensive, but if these are 5/5 for Performance, than how is it that the bass is not as detailed as you think the HE-400i’s bass accuracy is? Did you use the HA-2 or another amp/DAC when testing these? I bought but cancelled my HA-2 order in favor of the $595 Celsus Sound Companion One amp/DAC (you should do a review on it. Incredible device!). It’s rated slightly better than the very nice HA-2 and even has been said to outdo the $1200 Oppo HA-1 and $1200 Sony Walkman ZX2 in sound quality. I know having a good amp/DAC makes a difference, like you said in the article, so I hope this helps improve the bass accuracy, soundstage, etc. Perhaps you just mean that at this price point (under $400) the PM-3s are the best? My 1As handle bass extremely well, so I hope this won’t be a step down for me in the bass accuracy dept.

            Thank You,


          • Scoring is always difficult, but the performance for a closed-back planar mag deserves a 5. The HE-400i do sound fantastic, but they don’t work for an office environment so there are trade-offs. All of these headphones have a different flavor and one isn’t necessarily right and another wrong. It still comes down to personal preference. Hopefully you enjoy the PM-3’s and I’m curious to know what you think. Feel free to leave another comment with your impressions.

          • Stephen,

            I see. That’s what I thought too, that it was in a different price range but more importantly that it’s closed-back vs the open-back HE-400i headphones. I work from home so it doesn’t matter as much, though I sometimes take my headphones on the train too, so there it might.

            I really like closed-back headphones that have an open-backed sound, much like the PM-3s it seems, as well as my (former) AKG K550s and (current) Sony MDR-1As. You get the best of both worlds really. The Audio-Technica M50xs though were closed-back AND sounded closed in, which is why I didn’t keep them for long after buying them. But honestly, if the PM-3s are better than my 1As, I’m not sure I could handle something even better than that. lol If I don’t feel the PM-3s are better, I MIGHT consider the HE-400is, despite the higher price. But I’d rather keep it under $400. I’m still payin’ off my $595 Companion One ( lol

            I’m gonna assume that you didn’t use the HA-2 or an amp/DAC then in your review? I hope that will improve the bass accuracy, etc. I find that using an amp/DAC does just that, and much more.

            Ok will do! Thank you again!

          • Great review! Always nice to hear other opinions. I’m listening to the PM-3’s at this very moment. Enjoy!

          • Stephen,

            Thanks so much for the compliment!

            Yes it is. Haha…….that’s awesome! Perfect timing.

            P.S. Hope you noticed the lil “shout out” to your PM-3 review in the first paragraph. lol

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