Oppo PM-3 Headphones Review

Oppo PM-3 Headphones


Headphone TypeSealed Planar Magnetic
Sensitivity102dB/1mW @ 1mW
Nominal Impedance26 Ohm
Review DateMarch 16, 2015

The PM-3 is Oppo’s third planar magnetic headphone, following the PM-1 and PM-2. Unlike the PM-1 and PM-2, the Oppo PM-3 is a closed back design. Not only is outside noise reduced, allowing more of the music to be heard, music leakage from the headphone is also limited. The Oppo PM-3 utilizes a new 55mm round planar magnetic driver featuring much of the technologies pioneered in the PM-1. The lightweight yet durable 7-layer diaphragm and strong Neodymium magnets play a key role in the PM-3’s weight reduction and in turn its portability. The Oppo PM-3 is the first truly portable closed back planar magnetic headphone to hit the market and Oppo hits the ball out of the park with it. Plush padding, soft materials, and near perfect clamping pressure make the PM-3 one of the most comfortable headphones I have worn.

Headphone Type:Sealed Planar Magnetic
Sensitivity:102dB/1mW @ 1mW
Nominal Impedance:26 Ohm
Review Date:March 16, 2015
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I am a big fan of planar magnetic designs and the lush, transparent sounds they produce. Their drawbacks are often weight and need for a dedicated headphone amp. The majority of designs are also open-backed which creates a wide, open soundstage but are bad if you plan on using them around other people. I have been waiting for a closed back headphone suitable for my office work environment, portable enough to carry back and forth with me, and with the sonic performance I have only experienced through planar magnetic designs. Oppo has delivered this with the PM-3 and at $399, it is a bargain as well. Truly amazing and one of the finest headphones ever made.

Oppo PM-3 Design

The Oppo PM-3 are available in black, just like the PM-1 and PM-2, and a stylish white. Most headphones that come across my desk are black, so the white is a nice change. Oh boy are they a sight! They are sleek and easily portable, yet the ear cups rest just outside my ears. The headband is well-padded and the clamping force is nearly perfect unless you’re going to listen for hours on end. The light weight (only 320 grams) makes up for this and being able to enjoy a pair of headphones for the majority of a work day without any comfort issues is a real accomplishment. The white material is very soft, almost between a microfiber and leather. I think the only main concern with something white is how it will hold up to the dirt and grime of everyday use. The synthetic leather can be cleaned but in the end, just go with black if you are worried.

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