SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer Review


Drivers1x 12"
Amplifier500 watt RMS (1100 watts peak) Class D
InputsLFE, Stereo RCA
Sub TypePorted
Dimensions34” H x 16.6” W x 16.6” D
Weight50 lbs.
Review DateMay 4, 2015

SVS has revamped their cylinder series of subwoofers with the new PC-2000: a 34” tall, downward firing room shaker. About the only thing in common with its predecessors is the cylindrical cabinet design. The PC-2000 features a new 12” driver from their 2000 series, 500 watt Sledge STA-500D Class D amp, and a rear firing port. Propping up this new design are the elastomer feet of the SoundPath Isolation System. These decouple the subwoofer cabinet from the floor, allowing for better bass performance.

The SVS PC-2000 is an all-black design, with the goal of blending into most home theater environments. The bulk of the unit is surrounded in quality black knit cloth and topped off with an interchangeable cap available in black ash and piano gloss. With a footprint of only 16.6” in diameter, the SVS PC-2000 takes up very little floor space, especially given the amount of sonic output it can deliver.

The Sledge STA-500D amp is located on the rear, if a cylinder has a front and rear, of the PC-2000, above the large port. It has controls for volume, phase, and crossover along with a trigger input, left and right (LFE) signal input, and left and right line level outputs. Phase is adjustable from 0-180 degrees and the crossover range is 50Hz-160Hz along with an LFE setting when cranked all the way to the right. Power setting can be toggled between On and Auto Sense On mode. In Chris’s review of the standard cabinet SVS PB-2000, one of his only complaints was regarding the front power LED, but that is not an issue here as the LED is on the rear of the unit.

New Take on an Old Look

I had one of the original SVS cylinder subs so the shape and look is nothing new to me. The build quality is much improved over those older models. The outer black fabric is thicker and more robust. The top cap made in black ash gives it a more finished look and feel, the elegant piano gloss even more so. The flat integrated amp is securely mounted and blends nicely with the curve of the cabinet. Below the amp is the large, 4” port which curves with the cylinder cabinet. Holding up this 50 pound beast are the new elastomer feet. It may not wow people with its looks, but if you have a spare corner, I can’t think of a better way to fill it than with the PC-2000.

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Placement of a subwoofer is always tricky business and is unique to each room and situation. For my home theater setup, I placed the SVS PC-2000 in the front corner behind the main right speaker. Normally I have bass traps in this corner, but for this setup I moved them to the back of the home theater. The rear firing port pointed into the corner of the room. I ran an RCA cable into the LFE input and set the crossover at the LFE point. Gain was set at halfway and later adjusted to match my own personal preference.

Awesome Film Performance

Giving the SVS PC-2000 its first workout is Interstellar. The initial launch sequence is capable of pushing subs to their breaking point, but with the gain at about 65% the PC-2000 doesn’t break a sweat. Oh, and it will get your house shaking. It isn’t just quantity over quality either, as the intense rumbling of the rocket engines don’t sound congested or muddy. The heart-stopping docking sequence does not disappoint either. The lower octaves from the pipe organ in Hans Zimmer’s phenomenal score are reproduced with texture and definition.

I am impressed with the PC-2000’s ability to disappear within my home theater as well. While visually it hides in the corner, I am talking here about its sonic ability to disappear. The PC-2000 blends very well with the rest of my speakers. There was also nothing to hear from the subwoofer except what it was meant to produce. No cabinet vibrations or port chuffing to be heard.

As with Chris’s review of the PB-2000, what is basically a boxed cabinet version of the PC-2000, I chose to demo the Tron: Legacy Blu-ray. The reference quality sound track on this disc does not disappoint with the SVS PC-2000. The deep roar of the light cycle’s are almost guttural. Daft Punk’s score thumps and stomps your chest with powerful bass from the PC-2000 – and it isn’t even dialed up to max.

The deep rumbling and bass rolloff during Tai Lung’s escape in Kung Fu Panda is better than what you might hear at many local cinemas. For my 15’x20’ room the PC-2000 is more than adequate, but more is always better. I can only imagine what a dual setup will do, but I’m pretty sure the neighbors would not care for it.

The 12” driver is capable of moving plenty of air but it is also fast for a subwoofer in this price range. On the SACD version of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, the bass and kick drum on “Time” and “Any Colour Like You” has excellent clarity. Kick drums are quick to pop and die off and low bass notes never linger longer than they should.


The SVS PC-2000 clearly performs up to the Reference Home Theater standards, but inevitably, some will feel one, or two opinions are not enough to warrant ordering a subwoofer off the internet. SVS has essentially eliminated the issue by offering free shipping and a 45 day in-home audition. If the sub doesn’t meet your needs, just ship it back. After having the SVS PC-2000 in my home, I can’t imagine SVS getting many returns. There are definitely other subwoofers on the market that provide more subsonic punch, or faster, tighter bass response, but they cost more, often a lot more. For $800, the SVS PC-2000 will provide the dynamic low frequency punch every good home theater needs and, like it’s sibling the PB-2000, easily makes our recommended list.


Review Summary

ProductSVS PC-2000 Subwoofer
ReviewerStephen Hornbrook
ProsQuality and Quantity at a reasonably price. Easy to setup.
ConsLooks wise, it isn’t going to blow anyone away.
SummaryWith the excellent support SVS offers, 45 day in-home trial, and free shipping about the only way you can go wrong is only ordering 1 instead of 2. Loads of quality low-end output from this cylindrical beast.
Value5 / 5
Performance4.5 / 5
Overall4.5 / 5

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