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  1. I have a the 5430 and a VT 60 as well. I’m debating taking the sound bar back and getting the 4221 instead. Have you compared them head to head? If so, which would you go with? I

    • With music I would have to give the edge to the 4221. The tweeters meant those really difficult musical sections sounded clearer and small details didn’t get obscured. With movies and TV I probably give a bit of an edge to the 5430 due to the discrete center channel. The bass on the 5430 isn’t as deep as the 4221 because it lacks the external subwoofer, but it is better when you remove the subwoofer from the equation. If you have room for the sub, I almost lean towards the 4251 because you get the discrete center channel and the subwoofer. You can also use the surround speakers if you want to, but it won’t be the same width as your VT60 of course.

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