MY FAIR LADY – 4K Ultra HD debut May 25

my fair lady 4k ultra hd debut may 25

BELOVED WINNER OF EIGHT ACADEMY AWARDS® INCLUDING BEST PICTURE, ARRIVES ON 4K ULTRA HD FOR THE FIRST TIME Debuting May 25, 2021, 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray™ Combo Includes Over Two Hours of Bonus Content Relive the romance, music, and comedic charms of the indelible classic MY FAIR LADY, debuting on 4K Ultra HD on May 25, 2021, …

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4K Calculator – Do You Benefit?

4k calculator

As 4K displays are now coming out, a common debate between people online has been about the benefits of 4K compared to HD in a normal viewing environment. Many people will say that 4K looks amazingly sharp and it’s impossible not to see the difference, but many others will say that in a regular living …

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Leo Bodnar Lag Tester Review

leobodnar lag tester review

In reviewing displays, one aspect that seems to go almost untouched by reviewers is that of input lag. For people like myself who don’t play many video games, this idea is an afterthought that we don’t even worry about. With computer displays, this is an area that attracts far more attention but also has a …

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2019 LG TVs – Custom Tone Mapping Explained

2019 LG TVs

A new feature on some 2019 LG TVs, including the updated OLEDs, is the ability to define a custom tone mapping curve using CalMAN. As this is the first TV to offer this option, I’m going to explain the basics of tone mapping, talk about how the process works on the new LG models, and …

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Epson Home Cinema 3500 Projector Review

Epson Home Cinema 3500 Projector

Projection setups are no longer only limited to the dedicated home theater. More and more I get asked by people what projector or screen they should buy to use in a living room. Rooms where you’ll have the lights off at night for watching a movie, but also want to be able to watch a …

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Harmony Home Control

Harmony Home Control

I’ve been a fan of my Control4 system since I got it. It controls everything, works even with all my gear in cabinets, and is simple enough for my kids to operate once they turned 2. It isn’t something anyone can run out and buy. It takes a week long course for professional installers to …

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BenQ HT1075 Projector Review

benq ht1075 projector review

BenQ’s newest budget home theater projector, the HT1075, comes to us with more installation flexibility and improved speakers. Like its predecessor, the W1070, the BenQ HT1075 won’t break the bank, retailing for $1199 and already selling on Amazon for $999. The BenQ HT1075 uses a 1920×1080 DarkChip3 DLP engine along with a 6x speed six-segment …

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Which Gamma is Correct?

gamma correct

As 2014 TVs begin coming out, I’ve been rethinking how I properly attempt to calibrate them. While measuring the grayscale and color gamut is easy, picking the correct gamma is hard to decide. There are many factors that come into play, from the room and environment to the capabilities of the display itself. It makes …

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RGB: Full vs. Limited

rgb full vs limited

When using a Blu-ray player or a video game system, you often have many color space selections to choose from. The most common choices available are YCbCr, 4:2:2, 4:4:4, RGB, RGB Full or Enhanced, and RGB Limited. For the most part, they output the same content in different ways except for RGB Full. So what …

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LG 2017 OLED Hands-On Review

lg 2017 oled hands review

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the updated 2017 OLED TVs from LG. While this isn’t a full review of the new TVs, I couldn’t test apps well because of slow Internet speeds. For example, I did run through the image quality of the updated TVs with objective and subjective …

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