Top 6 Best Call Center Headsets of [year]

best call center headsets

If the majority of your professional activity includes speaking with clients over the phone, you need the best call center headset for effective and pleasant work.

Customer service representatives typically meet with individuals in noisy, open-concept workplaces, which might be humiliating for you and your clients.

The best call center headsets should have noise reduction since this will help you to sound more professional even when surrounded by several agents.

This function also guarantees that you will hear every element of your conversation without missing any crucial information.

best call center headsets


Logitech H800

best call center headsets

The Logitech H800 is an excellent headset and one of the best headset brands available. It is an excellent option for those who need something that does not like a toy since it resembles a professional headset. They are also a wonderful alternative for someone who will be making several phone calls.

If you want to learn more about the brand and what it offers, continue reading. Due to its lightweight construction, the headset is a wonderful choice for anyone who works in a contact center. It has a detachable microphone so that a person does not need to have their phone with them at all times.


  • Clear sound
  • Low-weight
  • Elegant look


  • None

Jabra Evolve 40

best call center headsets

The Jabra Evolve 40 call center headset is an excellent accessory for the person in charge of phone reception in a local call center. Numerous advantages are associated with having a high-quality headset that is compatible with a variety of phone types.

Using a headset like this will improve the sound quality of a person’s voice when speaking on the phone, as well as enabling them to hear their surroundings while on the phone. The headset included with this Evolve is referred to as the RF.

This headset enables users to communicate with a microphone located in front of the ear. These mics are used to allow individuals to interact and receive calls from several phones.


  • Remarkable sound
  • Design is excellent
  • Durable body


  • Not a wireless system
  • Bass problems

Silensys E7 PRO

best call center headsets

The Silensys E7 PRO headphones are among the ideal available for communicating with clients. Choose the one that is appropriate for your business if you want to be able to interact efficiently. You should ensure that the headset you use is of the highest quality because it can improve the efficiency and comfort of your calls.

It provides a variety of noise reduction modes that allow you to listen to the audio transmission without being distracted by background noise. Other advantages of the headset include the option to adjust the volume to the desired level. This will facilitate phone conversations if necessary.


  • Outstanding wearing comfort
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity and range
  • Minimum amount of sound leaking from headphones


  • Heavy
  • Financial concerns

Plantronics 87300-241

best call center headsets

The Plantronics 87300-241 contact center headset is highly beneficial since it provides a comfortable spot for the employee to listen to instructions and communicate properly.

It has an extra cable that is intended for the customer service person. This headset may be used to provide instructions on how to use it, where to position the receiver, and even how to speak to the consumer.


  • Bluetooth Version 3.0
  • Intelligent sensor technology
  • Noise reduction technique


  • Style is not the best.
  • Not the least expensive

Plantronics Voyager Focus

best call center headsets

If you need an attractive headset for your contact center, the Plantronics Voyager Focus is an ideal choice. This headset is ideal for several businesses, particularly those that make international calls. You will also notice that this headset has various useful functions that may be utilized daily.

The fact that the headset will come with three distinct microphones that you can utilize to boost the number of calls you can manage is one of its excellent advantages. One of the wonderful advantages of this headset is the ability to convert speech to text, which is ideal for ensuring that your consumers receive your messages promptly and precisely.


  • Extremely comfy
  • Extended battery life
  • Excellent audio quality


  • Just Bluetooth
  • Did not feel safe while wearing


best call center headsets

Within the realm of the telecommunications industry, MAIRDI is a well-known and respected brand. When you use this headset, you won’t have any problem interacting with your customers because it is quite simple to operate. It is not overly formal and gives off an impression that is very conducive to spontaneous dialogue.


  • Excellent look
  • Budget
  • Deep bass


  • Sound is so mundane
  • Too weighty



best call center headsets

Consider the headset’s durability and reliability as a top priority when shopping for a professional headset. Workers in a contact center are less likely to be productive if they are constantly frustrated by a broken accessory.

In order to have the greatest possible talking experience, it is recommended that you get a headset made of high-quality material, such as surgical steel.


Make sure the headset you choose for your call center is one you can use all day without getting uncomfortable. Choose a design that won’t irritate your ears if you want to wear them all day. The best headphones include soft ear pads for maximum comfort. Comfortable models include those with thin, padded headbands.

Silence the noise

best call center headsets

The best headset for customer service reps is one that filters out background noise. Having such a device would help your services stand out from the others by reducing background noise.

In addition, you don’t need to blast the music for your consumers to hear you well; talking to them may be done at much more manageable volumes. The best headset for a contact center should be able to block out a lot of background noise so that you can focus on the calls at hand.

The Intersection of Art and Science in Product Design

Modern audio technology is an essential part of any durable and dependable headset. To ensure efficient use, a high-quality accessory should include modern conveniences. Pick models that you can easily tweak, learn, and update.

The fact that there are several headset options for office employees is fantastic. The headsets are available with either a single or double earpiece. A few designs can even be worn discreetly behind the ear or even on top of the head.


Can a gaming headset be used in a contact center?

best call center headsets

Yes, gaming headsets may be used in call centers. Gaming headsets are marginally more costly than standard headphones and include superior technologies to enhance the gaming experience.

This technology can enhance the quality of work in contact centers by enabling operators to answer calls promptly and engage in more effective customer interactions.

Why are headsets regarded as essential contact center equipment?

Noise-canceling headphones are an essential component of the contact center infrastructure. They enable the agents to operate without being distracted by background noise in the congested office.

It is simpler to listen to consumers and deliver a solution when they are not distracted by background noise. Due to regular phone conversations, headsets are also more convenient than holding the phone to the ear.


Our analysis is founded on the firsthand knowledge of our most knowledgeable headphone users. We really hope that you found our evaluations of the best call center headsets to be informative.

In light of this, it is up to you to determine which call center headsets to buy in accordance with the needs of your business. Please share with us the headset that you’ve settled on purchasing.

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