Top 7 Best Lightning Headphones

best lightning headphones

Apple eliminated the ubiquitous 3.5mm audio port from the iPhone 7 in lieu of a Taptic Engine, bigger speakers, and a more compact and water-resistant design. 

You now have two options for listening to music on your iPhone or iPad: the Lightning connection and Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth (or wireless headphones) is the apparent victor of the two interfaces due to its convenience, although it is not perfect for listening to high-definition audio. 

However, as there are not many makers of Lighting headphones, it may be difficult to locate them. With this guidance, we want to rectify the situation. Here are our recommendations for the best Lightning headphones available at various price points.

best lightning headphones


Pioneer Rayz Plus

best lightning headphones

Pioneer is well-known in the audio industry for its innovative and functional audio equipment. The Rayz Plus is one of these products in its lineup. These are a set of wired in-ear headphones featuring ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), auto-pause, hands-free Siri, and the standard lightning connector.

In addition to these capabilities, these headphones are equipped with a charging connector that allows you to charge your device through the headphones. So now you can listen to music and answer calls while charging your iPhone or iPad.

To cater to audiophiles, the business offers a companion app for the Pioneer Rayz Plus that allows you to modify the sound, discover the optimum fit, and tailor the noise cancellation to your preferences.


  • MFi certified
  • 9.2mm Neodymium Dynamic N50 drivers
  • Internal DAC
  • 1,2 meters wire length
  • Programmable intelligent button

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

best lightning headphones

1MORE is a well-known audio accessory business, and the triple driver in-ear headphones are one of its most highly regarded items among audiophiles. The earphones are in-ear and have a triple-driver configuration, as their name indicates.

This configuration consists of two balanced armature drivers, one titanium dynamic driver, and a high-definition digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Due to this, the earphones are able to handle varied noises within the frequency range more efficiently and deliver high-quality music with increased clarity.

In addition, the business places equal emphasis on the design of the earbuds to guarantee they fit well in the auditory meatus and give a decent fit, as well as a quality sound.

Regarding functionality, the 1MORE Triple Driver headphones have a 5-in-1 (or five-directional) in-line controller that can be used to activate voice control, adjust volume, and switch songs, among other things.


  • MFi certified
  • Triple drivers
  • Internal high-resolution DAC
  • 5-way integrated controller

JBL Reflect Aware Headphones with Lightning Connector

best lightning headphones

JBL is a popular brand of speakers and headphones among the general population. The JBL Reflect Aware is a set of wired headphones that fills the vacuum for Lightning headphones without breaking the bank. JBL is recognized for providing high-quality products at a reasonable price in most circumstances.

These include an active-style design similar to those of earbuds intended for use during training/workouts. Consequently, wingtips are included to ensure a secure fit and to retain the earbuds within the ear canal during jogging or running.

In terms of functionality, the JBL Reflect Aware headphones enable noise cancellation and may filter out ambient sounds based on your preferences. With 14.8mm drivers on the inside, these lightning earbuds offer a slightly neutral sound profile, making them an attractive option for individuals who want neutral sound.


  • 14.8mm drivers
  • Noise cancellation
  • Adaptive noise control
  • Wingtips for a better fit

Libratone Lightning In-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

best lightning headphones

Libratone is another audio brand that emphasizes sound quality in its headphones, and the company was among the first to produce headphones using Apple’s Lightning connection. Consequently, the Q Adapt In-Ear headphones were created.

These earbuds are constructed from lightweight aluminum and have an ergonomic design that is both attractive and comfy. The angled in-ear design guarantees that the earbuds remain within the ear canal and provides isolation from ambient sounds. Using the in-line controls, you may easily modify the noise-cancellation level.

Additionally, the same button may be used to alter the volume, stop and skip tunes, and activate Siri. As for sound, the earbuds offer a somewhat bass-forward sound profile, which provides the ideal amount of warmth without compromising clarity and other tones in the frequency spectrum.


  • MFi certified
  • Compatible form
  • Adjustable noise cancellation
  • In-line controls

Belkin In-Ear Lightning Headphones

best lightning headphones

Belkin is another well-known manufacturer of headphones for iPhones and iPads. The In-ear Lightning port Headphones are one of several headphones in the series. These headphones include a flat, tangle-free wire that keeps them from tangling in your pocket or bag.

In addition to a sturdy cord, the earbuds are water-resistant, allowing you to wear them while exercising. In addition to providing a tight fit, Belkin built the earbuds to isolate ambient noise for a more enjoyable music and audiobook listening experience.

As with any other set of headphones, the In-ear Lightning Headphones offer a multi-control button for playing/pausing/skipping music, adjusting volume levels, and answering/rejecting iPhone calls.


  • MFi certified
  • Water-resistant design
  • Noise suppression
  • Untangling cable

Skullcandy Set In-Ear Earbud

best lightning headphones

Skullcandy is known for producing sturdy earbuds and headphones that offer a well-rounded experience at an affordable price. And their Set in-ear earbuds bring the same experience to iPhone users via the Lightning port.

As you may have guessed from the name, these earbuds have an in-ear design. They are pleasant to wear and provide enough noise isolation for continuous listening to music or audiobooks. In addition, the earbuds have an IPX4 rating, making them excellent for use while exercising.

In terms of additional features, the Skullcandy Set in-ear earbuds are quite simple. You receive an in-line call and track controller, which you may use to decline/answer calls and change tracks, respectively.


  • IPX4 sweat-and-water-resistant design
  • Noise-isolating garment
  • In-line controls

UGREEN Lightning Earbuds

best lightning headphones

UGREEN is a well-known brand of budget-friendly earbuds and headphones. Its Lightning earphones are an essential cheap accessory for iPhone and iPad, with a comfortable fit and high-quality sound.

The earbuds have 10mm dynamic drivers and a bass-heavy sound characteristic in order to appeal to the public. UGREEN has utilized the TPE material to make the earbuds sturdy and prevent them from becoming tangled.

In terms of specifications, the earphones’ 10mm dynamic drivers and ergonomic earbud design deliver a satisfying listening experience at an inexpensive price.


  • 10mm effective driver
  • 5-strand, 6-core conductor
  • In-line controls
  • Noise suppression


best lightning headphones

Compared to other types of headphones, Lightning headphones are scarce, especially considering the current trend toward wireless or true wireless headphones. In the end, we’ve discovered that ease reigns supreme in so many product categories. If there are no wires, tangling is impossible.

What should you search for?

Why purchase Lightning?

This is, without a doubt, THE question when searching for headphones of this exact type. Apple sells a very inexpensive and simple 3.5mm Lightning adaptor that is compatible with any set of wired earbuds or headphones. For us, a decent set of Lightning headphones must have an additional feature. In-ear or over-ear headphones that employ Lightning power to allow Hi-Res music with an integrated DAC are a nice example.

Will you maximize high resolution?

As streaming services strive to outdo one another’s offers, more of them are adopting higher-quality audio streaming. Therefore, if you get a pair of headphones with Hi-Res capability, you need to ensure that you will make the most of it. Check your streaming provider to see whether your favorite songs and albums are offered in lossless/high-resolution audio formats. If so, check that the highest available streaming and download quality is enabled in the app’s options.

Consider the fit

best lightning headphones

The fit of any set of in-, over-, or on-ear headphones is essential. Ultimately, it does not matter how good a pair of headphones sounds if they are uncomfortable to wear. Look for one with numerous tip sizes (if you’re purchasing in-ear headphones) or a well-designed, extendable headband (if you’re purchasing over-ear headphones).

Where do you plan to wear them?

In addition to fit, the area in which you will perform the most of your listening will determine which headphones you should choose. For example, if you listen to music daily during a busy commute, you won’t want open-back headphones like the Audeze models, which do little to filter out extraneous noises. You desire something with noise-cancelling capabilities.

What are your thoughts on ear fins and ear hooks?

The majority of modern earbuds are intended to stay in the ear without extra support. However, there are occasions when you need something more to keep the headphones in your ears, especially when exercising. Some will have over-ear hooks that slip over the top of your ears to secure them in place, while others will have softer silicon ‘fins’ that hug the inside of your ears.

Do you enjoy bass-heavy music or not?

You may find that your preference for bass depends on how you want to utilize the headphones. In a workout, you may need greater force and presence from the bass to propel you forward, yet when listening to music at home in a peaceful environment, you may find it overwhelming.

How significant is the audio quality in general?

best lightning headphones

That’s a no-brainer: very. If you prefer to listen to music more than anything else, you need headphones with excellent audio quality. Typically, this is enabled by a pair of high-quality speakers and signifies that you cannot scrimp. You must invest some cash to get a pair of headphones that sound excellent. One with excellent bass control, as well as high-frequency clarity and detail. The greatest headphones allow you to hear minor components of a song that lesser headphones cannot, while the bass maintains its texture and form even when it is loud and low.

What about call quality and Zoom compatibility?

Some earbuds are fantastic for listening to music because they are adjusted to make your favorite playlists sound incredible, but they may not be as effective for voice calls. If you’re searching for a pair of headphones to make regular calls throughout the day, you should seek a pair with external mics and, if wireless, beam-forming to capture your speech clearly throughout calls.

What if I cannot locate Lightning buds that suit me?

There are several alternatives available. First, you could just purchase the Apple 3.5mm to the Lightning adaptor, and then the world of wired headphones would be your oyster. Plus, if you currently have wired headphones that you enjoy, you do not have to discard them. Try out wireless Internet. Bluetooth technologies have improved significantly since their inception, to the point where they are nearly lag-free. AirPods from Apple are popular for a reason.

More details about this story

The products on this list have been tested in real-world scenarios, precisely as you would use them on a daily basis.

In the case of these Lightning headphones, we put each pair through its paces indoors in quiet and noisy environments, and sometimes even during workouts or running sessions.

Since they’re Lightning-specific, we tested them with iPhones and listened to a multitude of different genres to see how they handle. They are also evaluated via phone and Zoom conversations. Each pair gets many hours of listening to see how the battery performs over time, too.

Since we started reviewing these headphones years ago, technology has advanced a lot. Over that time, we’ve seen them get smaller, sound better, last longer, and – now – some come with tiny, portable built-in DACs. Sometimes, they even come with ANC equipped, which seemed almost unthinkable just a few years back.

best lightning headphones

As we do with all of our buyer’s guides, we also tried to measure the value of these products against competitors and the wider market. Ideally, this allows us to provide a mix of Lightning headphones that are available at different price points and not just the most expensive options.

At Pocket-lint, we’re not interested in providing extraneous details or number crunching in our guides; we just want to give you an easy-to-understand review that helps you pick the right option for your needs. Our verdicts are concise, but rest assured, these picks have been tested thoroughly.


Can I replace my Lightning headphones with a Lightning adapter?

If you wish to utilize the wired headphones you currently own, you may purchase a 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor. Apple supplied a Lightning converter with the iPhone 7, 8, and X at their original introduction. Unfortunately, the latest iPhones no longer function in this manner.

Apple’s Lightning-to-3.5mm converter is still available for $9 at the Apple Store, along with third-party equivalents. If you want to boost sound quality further, you may utilize a portable DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to achieve the best results.

Are Lightning headphones from Apple of higher quality than wired headphones?

Yes! The AUDIO quality of headphones/earbuds with Lightning connection is superior to that of headphones/earbuds with 3.5mm jacks. This is due to the analog signal that traditional headphones with 3.5mm connectors emit. This necessitates that the devices convert digital data, such as MP3s, to analog internally using a digital-to-analog converter. The Lightning connector, on the other hand, is entirely digital. Therefore, the audio signal is sent to the headphones in digital form. The term for this is “lossless 48kHz digital output.” Expect greater sound quality with inexpensive headphones.

How can I connect Lightning headphones to my laptop?

Depending on the port type on your laptop, you will need either a lightning-to-USB-A or lightning-to-USB-C adapter. Connect the Lightning headphones to the adaptor first. Then, connect the adapter to the USB port on the laptop. Connecting the adaptor to the USB port first and then the headphones should not be overlooked.


We hope you found our research on the best lightning headphones to be informative and enjoyable. We understand that our evaluation is just illustrative of some of the market’s leading products.

Our intention is to provide you with a general summary of each product. We advise you to perform your own research in order to reach a well-informed judgment regarding the best option for you.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the space below, and we will do our best to respond as promptly as possible.

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