Top 6 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

best planar magnetic headphones

In the world of headphones, there is an overwhelming variety of high-quality goods.

There are so many headphones that you can massage your head all day long and still be unable to choose the ideal pair.

We are certain that you came across “Planar Magnetic Headphones” when looking for headphones of the highest quality.

What distinguishes these headphones from conventional headphones? What makes the technology unique? Which are the best planar magnetic headphones? For those unfamiliar with planar headphones, let’s answer these questions.

best planar magnetic headphones


Ananda Over-Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones by HIFIMAN

best planar magnetic headphones

Our list has several HIFIMAN entries for two reasons. There are few manufacturers of planar magnetic headphones. And among the companies that produce them, HIFIMAN is one of the finest! In terms of sound quality, the HIFIMAN Ananda Headphones are the best planar magnetic headphones. In Sanskrit, “Ananda” signifies pleasure or happiness, and these headphones provide an equally joyful listening experience.

First, like the Arya, the HIFIMAN Ananda are wired headphones (3.5 mm aux cable) that are black in color. The headband of the HIFIMAN Ananda is one of the most comfortable we have worn despite its lower price. The ear cups are asymmetrical. However, this was done for your comfort to match the shape of your ears.


  • Extremely relaxed headband
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Accurate and good audio fidelity
  • Asymmetrical ear cups to match the human ear’s form


  • Poor noise isolation
  • It can leak sound at high levels.
  • Cumbersome headphones that are tough to transport

Hifiman Sundara

best planar magnetic headphones

The Sundara headphones’ build quality is comfy and delightful for long hours of music listening. The ear cups are quite well-made, and the grills have a fashionable appearance and feel.

In my opinion, planar magnetic headphones should offer a somewhat greater bass response. Nonetheless, these may be improved with EQ or modifications.

Overall, the Hifiman Sundara is a terrific option; my only recommendation is to combine them with a powerful amplifier and let them break in for around 40 hours.


  • The 3.5 mm jack is conveniently located and does not obstruct use.
  • Comfortable shape and texture
  • Lightweight construction and design for the discerning audiophile
  • Large headphones that are effective in noise suppression
  • Excellent sound quality with an outstanding midrange
  • Replace the HIFIMAN HE4XX.
  • The treble is bright and rapid and produces swift sound waves.
  • Excellent for detail-oriented listeners
  • Price range between the Audeze LCD-1 and the Gold Planar GL2000.
  • The sound generated by these Hifiman headphones’ drivers is outstanding.


  • You’ll need a high-quality DAC and amplifier to enhance sound quality.
  • The extension piece lacks sufficient tension and seems quite fragile.
  • The cable can be improved.

Fostex T50RP Mark III

best planar magnetic headphones

Given the price, the headphone’s construction quality is excellent.

They are lightweight, allowing you to wear them for extended periods of time. A detachable 3 m 1/4-inch plug and a 1.2 m small plug wire are included.

The packing of the headphones is acceptable for the price. It produces audio with an emphasis on the trebles and midrange. It fits a monitor headphone well.

Overall, the headphones provide a good sound experience and are primarily intended for professional use.


  • Elastic headband
  • Pure sound
  • Cheap


  • Deep bass
  • Elevated treble

Open-backed Monolith M1060

best planar magnetic headphones

The Monolith M1060 electromagnetic headphones provide comfortable listening periods with their thick ear cushions and well-sealed and secure ear cups.

A planar magnetic driver features a flat membrane coated by magnets, as opposed to the normal headphones, which have a quick delivery of 50 ohms, which is somewhat higher than the 30 ohms that the Audeze El-8 delivered in the previous comparison.

Overall, the M1060 are our least expensive headphones to date, and at half the price of the Audeze’s and similar cost to the Hifiman Sundara. If you’re not a major Hifiman fan, these might be a nice choice!


  • The M1060 has an adapter from 3.5mm to 6.35mm Audio Jack.
  • Similar to the preceding Audeze El-8 and Hifiman Sundara, this product has a 6-foot cable.
  • Outstanding bass sound quality
  • You may open the grills and adjust the headphones, which is advantageous if you wish to alter the sound profile.
  • They sound vibrant and are perfect for guitarists and drummers.
  • Low degrees of sound transmission loss and distortion
  • These headphones provide outstanding sound separation and sound stage as if the sound is emanating from a stage directly above you as if you were gazing up.
  • They come with a 5-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee, but these terms are subject to change, so verify with the vendor.


  • The pads are not detachable, which I did not appreciate.
  • The adapter does not rotate as it should, which may necessitate replacement after one to two years of usage.
  • The headphone case is very bulky and unsuitable for portability.

Adjustable HIFIMAN Arya Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Audiophile Headphones

best planar magnetic headphones

HIFIMAN is one of the leading manufacturers of planar magnetic headphones. The audio and construction quality of HIFIMAN headphones are renowned for being of the highest standard. The HIFIMAN Arya headphones are the greatest planar magnetic headphones available on the market. Let’s investigate why.

Firstly, these pricey planar magnetic headphones are premium “over-ear” headphones that provide improved comfort for your ears. We feel that no other hue would do justice to this ‘out there’ design than the stark black aesthetics they feature. The headphone’s body is composed of high-quality polymers and aluminum, making it an extremely durable option for audio equipment.

Second, the HIFIMAN Arya’s ‘Advanced Asymmetrical Magnet Circuit’ system ensures low interference in the transmission of audio waves. This enables a more precise and uniform sound profile.


  • Superior comfort
  • Solidly constructed and highly sturdy
  • Superior Asymmetrical Magnet Circuit to Prevent Distortion
  • Maintain a neutral sonic profile
  • Possess higher sound quality than the majority of headphones
  • Extensive and roomy sound stage


  • Expensive headphones with planar magnets
  • High-volume audio leakage and lack of noise isolation
  • No button controls

Tin Magnetic Hifi P1 Earbuds

best planar magnetic headphones

The P1s’ look and appearance are a force that will make any audiophile feel trendy. The silver earpiece and cable are appealing to the eye.

The P1 headphones have a poor build quality; the design is sliced in two halves, and I would have wanted a cleaner finish; nonetheless, this is not a deal-breaker. Nevertheless, I loved listening to the P1s, and they fit well. The overall construction quality did not detract from the listening experience.

The soundstage performance delivers tonnes of value, and I found listening to the earbuds to be lively, with an abundance of bass and pleasant tones.

The cables and connections are user-friendly, and I found the 1.2-meter cable length to be enough, but I normally like 2 meters.

The Tin P1s came with decent packaging and extras, including a few extra ear tips that are beneficial for a variety of ear shapes.


  • The best IEMs for the money
  • A fashionable braided cable that includes a detachable MMCX cable.
  • Superb sound with plenty of detail
  • Excellent carry case
  • Body of stainless steel metal
  • Fits nearly all ear types


  • After around 50 hours of use, these Planar headphones degrade
  • Average connector cable


best planar magnetic headphones

Planar Magnetic headphones are a significant investment. Therefore, consumers must consider a number of considerations prior to making a purchase.

There are a variety of uses for headphones. It might be for professional or recreational music listening. When considering the purchase of planar magnetic headphones, various user types will be influenced by various aspects.

We have included a list of crucial characteristics that a decent planar magnetic headphone should possess! Let’s investigate the buyer’s guide in depth.

Purpose and Employ

Before choosing a planar headphone, you must first determine its intended use. Is it intended for casual music listening or a professional studio? Depending on the purpose for which you require these, you can set a budget and then consider the variables listed below to reach a conclusion.

Wired versus Wireless?

best planar magnetic headphones

Similar to speakers, one of the primary factors when purchasing headphones is whether or not they are wireless. It is unfortunate that just a few planar magnetic headphones provide wireless connection. The majority of these headphones are wired, as opposed to dynamic driver headphones that provide several connecting options.

Therefore, there are a limited number of Bluetooth planar magnetic headphones to choose from. Although wired headphones may be difficult for everyday usage, they are an ideal choice for gamers and studio owners.

Audio Quality

There’s no need to scratch your head here. The sound quality of a pair of headphones should be the top priority for all audiophiles. Numerous parameters, such as distortion, frequency response range, impedance, etc., influence sound quality. You may claim that detailed sound indicates superior sound quality.

All significant information regarding a headphone is made available to users by major companies, but if you’re not an expert, you may not understand it. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase headphones with a return policy. This is so that you can be happy with the sound quality and have the opportunity to test them.

Robustness and Sturdiness

best planar magnetic headphones

The sound quality and construction quality of planar magnetic headphones are equally significant. Imagine having the highest quality sound but with mediocre durability. The longevity of headphones is of the highest importance. Consequently, sound quality and build quality are complementary. Planar magnetic headphones are more durable than dynamic driver headphones.

In addition to the design of the driver, however, a multitude of factors contribute to the durability of a headset. This covers the earcups, cable quality, headband quality, joints, hinges, and buttons, among other components. Before settling on a single pair of headphones, each of these factors must be properly examined.

Bass Reaction

Audiophiles like a strong bass response. Compared to headphones with dynamic drivers, the bass response of the greatest planar headphones is typically highly prominent. This is not to imply that headphones with dynamic drivers have a weak bass response, but planar magnetic headphones are recognized for their bass-heavy characteristics.

Therefore, one must determine if their planar headphones have a decent bass response, and if they do not, we recommend passing on them.

Middles and Tops

best planar magnetic headphones

There should be harmony between the bass, midrange, and treble. A bass-heavy profile should not cause the midrange and treble frequencies to spill out and become less significant. However, if the treble is very rich, it can become practically unbearable to the ear.

Now that we understand the distinction between planar magnetic headphones, dynamic driver headphones, and electrostatic headphones, we can proceed to our selection of the eleven best available planar magnetic headphones.


Do planar headphones justify the cost?

Yes, planar headphones are well worth the investment if you have the necessary funds. If a user does not desire to spend a great deal on headphones, dynamic driver headphones might be just as effective.

Are planar magnetic headphones durable?

best planar magnetic headphones

Most planar magnetic headphones are costly due to the additional emphasis placed on their durability in order to preserve the planar drivers. Hifiman, Audeze, Oppo, and Monolith are among the most robust planar headphones available.

Do planar magnetic headphones require a break-in period?

The entire notion of “burn-in” has no scientific basis and is considered a myth. Therefore, customers do not need a burn-in period for their planar magnetic headphones to have a significantly superior audio experience!


We’d like to end our buyer’s guide by saying that planar magnetic headphones are, without a doubt, better for high-fidelity sound than dynamic driver headphones.

Putting aside our perspective, it is preferable that you pick the best planar magnetic headphones for yourself. Before selecting a set of headphones, you should keep in mind the above-mentioned characteristics.

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