Revealed: I Tested And Ranked Top-notch G37 Coupe Headlights Options For Upgrading Your Visibility

g37 coupe headlights

As an avid car enthusiast, I understand the crucial role of effective and efficient headlights in enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetics and ensuring safety on the road. Today, I bring you an in-depth review of the G37 Coupe Headlights, a product that aims to revolutionize your nighttime driving experience. We’ll delve into their distinctive features, assess their performance, and walk you through the installation process. Join me as we determine whether the G37 Coupe Headlights live up to the hype.

G37 Coupe Headlights Comparison [year]

G37 Coupe Headlights Reviews [year]

Best For Overall – Evan Fischer Headlight Set Compatible with 2008-2010 Infiniti G37

41C6grK3qHL. AC SY450


  • Comes in a pair (Driver Side and Passenger Side)
  • Compatible with HID/Xenon lighting
  • High-quality Direct Fit OE Replacement Headlight
  • Includes a FREE 1-year UNLIMITED mileage warranty coverage when purchased through AUTO PARTS GIANT Store

My opinion: 

I’ve been using the Evan Fischer Headlight Set for my 2008 Infiniti G37, and it is a remarkable product. The clear lens offers exceptional visibility, making night driving much safer and more enjoyable. 

As a direct-fit replacement, the headlights were easy to install and perfectly matched my car’s specifications. Furthermore, the HID/Xenon bulb type used in these headlights has upgraded the overall look of my car. 

As a bonus, the free 1-year unlimited mileage warranty coverage is a generous offer that attests to the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Overall, this is a high-quality product that I would unreservedly recommend to fellow Infiniti G37 owners.


  • High-quality direct-fit replacement ensures easy installation.
  • Clear lens provides excellent visibility, enhancing road safety during night driving.
  • The HID/Xenon bulb type adds aesthetic appeal to your Infiniti G37.
  • Comes with a generous 1-year unlimited mileage warranty coverage, reflecting the manufacturer’s trust in their product.


  • While the clear lens offers superior visibility, maintaining optimal light output might require frequent cleaning.
  • Despite their brighter light, high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs may need replacement more often than conventional halogen bulbs.

Helpful review:

“I recently purchased the Evan Fischer Headlight Set for my 2008 Infiniti G37, and I must say, I’m blown away! These headlights fit perfectly and added a stylish touch to my car. The installation was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions provided. Now, my G37 looks as good as new, and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase!” – David C.

“These headlights are a game-changer for my 2009 Infiniti G37. The illumination is fantastic, and the design beautifully complements the car’s aesthetics. It feels like I have upgraded my vehicle without breaking the bank. Kudos to Evan Fischer for delivering such a great product!” – John W.

“As a car enthusiast, I’m always looking for ways to improve the look and performance of my 2010 Infiniti G37. The Evan Fischer Headlight Set did not disappoint. They were a breeze to install, and the difference in visibility during nighttime driving is remarkable. Plus, they give my car a more modern and aggressive look. Highly recommended!” – Nathan P.

Best For Brightness – AlphaRex For Infiniti G37 2008-2013 Projector Headlights

61d2r3rqO2L. AC SL1024


  • Compatible with Infiniti G37/Q60 NOVA-Series headlights.
  • Utilizes patented Ice Cube 3D LED projector.
  • Features OS-RAM Oslon black flat LED chip for the projector.
  • Projection cut-off line complies with American LHD regulations.
  • Includes DRL (Daytime Running Lights) and turn signal lights.
  • Equipped with crystal clear ice-cube 3D projector lens.

My opinion:

The AlphaRex Projector Headlights for my Infiniti G37 (2008-2013 version) have been a game-changing addition. These headlights employ the Ice Cube 3D LED projector technology, providing an impeccable cut-off line that meets American LHD regulations. 

The DRL and turn signal light features, combined with the crystal clear ice-cube 3D projector lens, have enhanced my driving experience, particularly in low-light conditions. I was allowed to choose between chrome, black, and jet-black housing. 

I chose the chrome one, which seamlessly matched my vehicle’s aesthetics. The polycarbonate plastic lens with an anti-fog agent and protective coating are thoughtful details that ensure optimal visibility even in adverse weather conditions and prevent yellowing and oxidation. 

Although they are a tad pricey, these headlights’ overall quality and performance make every penny spent worthwhile.


  • Utilizes Ice Cube 3D LED projector technology, ensuring superior visibility and adherence to American LHD regulations.
  • Offers several housing color options (chrome, black, and jet black), catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.
  • Lens made of durable polycarbonate plastic with an anti-fog agent and an additional coating to prevent yellowing and oxidation.
  • Features like DRL and turn signal light with 3D projector lens significantly enhance driving safety and experience.


  • Despite its brighter output, the LED light source might consume more power than traditional bulbs.
  • Although the various housing options provide variety, the chrome housing might not suit every vehicle’s aesthetics.

Helpful review:

“Stepping up my car game with AlphaRex Projector Headlights for my 2011 Infiniti G37 was the best decision ever! Not only do they provide exceptional lighting, but they also make my car look like it’s ready to star in a sci-fi movie. It’s as if I have my light show on wheels. Bravo, AlphaRex!” – Cristian

“These AlphaRex Projector Headlights are the ultimate upgrade for my 2009 Infiniti G37. They improve visibility at night and turn heads during the day. I feel like a superhero cruising through the city with these headlights. If you want your car to stand out and shine bright, this is the way to go!” – Christian Swogger

Best For Durability – Koolzap 08-10 G37 Front Headlight

41yMUkYzs8L. AC SX425


  • Lens and housing included (chrome crystal housing).
  • Sold individually.
  • Suitable for models without premium packages.
  • Comes with HID ballast or Kit.

My opinion:

Having had the opportunity to install and test the Koolzap 08-10 G37 Front Headlight, I am thoroughly impressed. The amber and clear coloring is striking, while the Xenon lighting source provides a strong, bright light. 

As someone who values durability, the waterproof feature is a definite perk. Compatibility is a non-issue as it fits neatly in my G37 Coupe, and including the lens and housing is a thoughtful addition. 

Furthermore, it comes with an HID ballast or kit and is designed for models without a premium package. The light has a distinct look with its chrome housing, adding a touch of elegance to the vehicle. This headlight not only met but exceeded my expectations.


  • Bright and clear light from the Xenon source enhances visibility incredibly.
  • Waterproof features ensure durability and longevity.
  • The amber and clear lens color adds an aesthetic touch to the vehicle.
  • Compatibility with various models, including the G37 Coupe, is a significant advantage.
  • Including the lens, housing, and HID ballast kit offers significant value for money.


  • It is designed specifically for models without a premium package, which might limit its usage for some car owners.
  • While elegant, the chrome (crystal) housing may not match everyone’s style preferences.

Helpful review:

“These Koolzap Front Headlights have transformed my 2008 Infiniti G37 into a head-turner! The improved lighting makes night driving safer, and the sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to my car. It’s amazing how such a simple upgrade can make a significant difference. Highly recommended!” – Amber L.

“The Koolzap Front Headlights for my 2010 Infiniti G37 are a fantastic investment. They enhance visibility and give my car a fresh and modern look. It’s like my G37 got a stylish makeover, and I’m loving the results. If you want to upgrade your ride, these headlights are the way to go!” – Henry P.

Best For Warranty – ACANII G37 Coupe Full LED Switchback Signal Projector Headlights

61lRjTgKl0L. AC SL1000


  • 100 percent Brand New.
  • Includes lens and housing for both driver and passenger Side.
  • Meets all Regulations in the USA & Canada with DOT and SAE Stamped.
  • Replacement for stock assembly.
  • Lenses ensure full illumination and maximum safety.
  • 30 days return policy with 60 days warranty.

My opinion:

My genuine satisfaction after investing in the ACANII G37 Coupe Full LED Switchback Signal Projector Headlights. 

The 100 percent brand new headlights came with lens and housing for driver and passenger sides, a rare find. The polycarbonate lens material is sturdy and clear, offering full illumination, which maximizes safety, especially during nighttime drives. 

I appreciate how the product meets all regulations in the USA and Canada as it’s DOT and SAE stamped, giving me the peace of mind I need. 

The built-in LED lights for low and high beams are phenomenal, providing adequate brightness without compromising energy efficiency. While professional installation is recommended, 

I found the process straightforward. I also value the 30-day return policy and 60-day warranty. It’s a testament to the company’s confidence in their product. 

Despite its slightly higher price point, the ACANII G37 Coupe Full LED Switchback Signal Projector Headlights are worth every penny.


  • Come as a 100 percent brand-new product, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Includes lens and housing for driver and passenger sides, providing complete coverage and uniformity.
  • Meets all regulations in the USA and Canada with DOT and SAE stamps, reaffirming its safety standards.
  • The built-in LED for both low and high beams provides exceptional light quality for safe driving.
  • It comes with a 30-day return policy and a 60-day warranty, assuring peace of mind regarding the purchase.


  • The installation process, though straightforward, is recommended to be handled by professionals, which could be an additional expense.
  • A signature is required for delivery for orders over $180, which may be inconvenient for some customers.

Helpful review:

“I’ve transformed my 2014 Infiniti Q60 Coupe with the ACANII Full LED Switchback Projector Headlights, and the results are breathtaking. The LED lights are incredibly bright, making night driving safer, and the design adds a touch of elegance to my car. It’s like I have a luxury vehicle without the hefty price tag!” – Tom R.

“These ACANII Full LED Switchback Projector Headlights have taken my 2009 Infiniti G37 to a new level! They provide exceptional lighting and make my car look like a million bucks. I’m getting compliments left and right, and I couldn’t be happier with the transformation. Highly recommended!” – Ben H.

Best For Easy Installation – AKKON Signal Tube Projector Headlights

71 5g41z+CL. AC SL1500


  • Full LED feature.
  • Equipped with a unique welcome light design with sequential signal.
  • New exclusive LED sequential LED signal tube feature projector headlights design.
  • Provides a better light pattern than traditional crystal headlights.
  • Everything is plug-and-play; no modification is needed.
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Approved.

My opinion:

After switching to the AKKON Signal Tube Projector Headlights, I’ve significantly improved my night driving experience. 

The full LED beam in a sleek Black Housing is visually stunning and provides excellent light coverage. The unique welcome light design with sequential signal is quite eye-catching and adds a touch of sophistication to my Infiniti coupe. 

I was pleased to find that these headlights fit perfectly on my 2013 G37 Coupe model, and the mention of compatibility with 2014-2015 Q60 Coupe Models ensures a wider user base. I was particularly impressed with the plug-and-play feature, which made installation a breeze. 

The DOT and SAE approval offers an added layer of assurance regarding safety and quality. The AKKON Signal Tube Projector Headlights have unquestionably transformed my driving experience, and I highly recommend them.


  • A full LED beam housed in a stylish black casing enhances visibility and adds a modern look to the vehicle.
  • A unique welcome light design with a sequential signal enhances the car’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Offers a perfect fit for 2008-2013 INFINITI G37 Coupe Models and 2014-2015 INFINITI Q60 Coupe Models.
  • Plug and play feature simplifies the installation process significantly.
  • DOT and SAE approval underlines the quality and safety of the product.


  • It may not be compatible with 4Dr Sedan Models, limiting its applicability.
  • Though the high beam feature improves visibility, it may be too bright for some drivers on the opposite side.
  • While unique, the sequential LED signal tube feature may not align with everyone’s style preference.

Helpful review:

“I’ll start by saying I haven’t contacted the seller, so take this review with a grain of salt.

Starting with the good – these headlights are a high-quality product. They have an OEM feel (not cheap plastic), they’re built incredibly well for your OEM parts (like your xenon ballast), the bulbs are incredibly secure in the housing, and they look amazing. 

The ‘DRL’ strips are bright and solid (you can’t see individual LEDS), and the blinker function is cool.

Twisting the factory “fog light” switch activates the inner beam just as OEM did, and when you use the high beams – that same (halogen) beam flips up – so you can use all 6 projectors as you wish. This makes the car look 5+ years newer.

This is where I’m conflicted… you can see in the first image that I’ve attached I have 4 BEAMS for my factory Xenons. I’ve located TWO adjustments on the lights – a single adjustment for the xenon bulb and one for halogen. I cannot get those two “boxes” to line up with the “secondary” xenon projector.

I see that BOTH headlights do this, leading me to believe it’s a design flaw instead of a factory defect/damage (I mean, they’re exactly lined up) – in the first image, I do not have the “fog light” switch activated, so the halogen bulb is off.

This creates 2 undesirable effects – I have two “boxes” up in the trees as I drive, and my factory xenon bulbs are much dimmer. I can partially negate this by turning on the “fog lights” since I’ve adjusted them to be level with the xenon, but it still doesn’t get rid of those two boxes. (Does anyone else have this issue??) 

Again, I’ve missed something, but I haven’t found any instruction or way to align the 2 main xenon projectors.

I’ve next noticed that HARD bumps will extinguish and re-ignite my xenon bulbs (independently, depending on which side I’ve hit a pothole on). I had never observed this with my old housing; a shock absorber or something isn’t as efficient as OEM. It happens randomly to both sides (but not both at the same time). 

I’ve checked to ensure all wires and that my bulbs and ballasts are securely attached. My bulbs are OEM from 2009, with 145k miles and plenty of night driving. I had never had any issues with them in the past, and they aren’t showing the typical end-of-life symptoms (startup issues and color temp change).

So, what’s my final opinion? I hate to say it, but I’d buy them again. The price is extremely low; if you get over the scattered light output and use the inner beam, they output enough light to drive safely. They look extremely nice, and I love them. FML tho.” – Nik P

“I hit road debris, which removed the number, right headlamp, and assembly. The OEM price for replacement is over $1500. I saw your ad on the same day on Amazon, and the body shop agreed to install them for free. They did a great job installing them. It saved $1000, and the car looks better than it did with the expensive shock model.” – Raymond Jacques 

“I was really worried about driving around at night with these because I bought a set of similar headlights for my 350z and could barely see anything, but these are super bright! Just don’t get the tinted one. Attached is a picture of the output on a street with minimal street lamps.” – Davi

AM Autoparts Xenon HID Headlights

61EHSg6dcRL. AC SL1500


  • 10-year warranty: This item comes with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects during intended use. If the item fails due to such defects, we will provide a free replacement, covering the cost of the part only.
  • HID ballast note: This Headlight is specifically designed for use with the supplied ballast.
  • Compatibility: This headlight is compatible with the following vehicles:
    • 2007-08 Infiniti G35 Driver & Passenger Side Sedan without Adaptive Front Lighting
    • 2009 Infiniti G37 Driver & Passenger Side Sedan without Adaptive Front Lighting

My opinion:

Upon setting the AM Autoparts Xenon HID Headlights on my 2009 Infiniti G37, I noticed an immediate enhancement in visibility during night drives. The amber lens color, coupled with the Xenon light source, creates a warm, inviting glow that is as pleasant as practical. 

The kit includes driver- and passenger-side headlights, a fantastic bonus. Moreover, including a 10-year warranty gives me confidence in the longevity and quality of these headlights. 

I appreciate that assemblies come with test bulbs, allowing adjustments before final installation. The only minor inconvenience was the specific note to replace these test bulbs before installation. 

Nonetheless, these Xenon HID Headlights’ impressive performance and quality from AM Autoparts make them a worthy investment.


  • Xenon HID Headlights provide excellent visibility and a warm amber glow.
  • Including both the driver and passenger-side headlights in the kit offers comprehensive coverage.
  • The product comes with a generous 10-year warranty, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability.
  • The lights are compatible with several Infiniti models, including the 2007-08 G35 Driver & Passenger Side Sedan and the 2009 G37 Driver & Passenger Side Sedan, serving a wider customer base.
  • Test bulbs included in the assemblies allow for easy adjustments before final installation.


  • The requirement to replace test bulbs before installation can be a minor inconvenience.
  • The product is incompatible with models featuring Adaptive Front Lighting, which may limit its applicability.
  • Any modifications to the item void the warranty, which may restrict customization options for some users.

Helpful review:

“I’m thrilled with the AM Autoparts Xenon HID Headlights for my 2009 G37 sedan. These headlights enhance visibility and add a touch of luxury to my car’s exterior. The pair set was easy to install, and the result was outstanding. The xenon HID lights make a significant difference in night driving, and I’ve received compliments on how stylish my G37 looks. This is a fantastic upgrade!” – Andy B.

“These AM Autoparts Xenon HID Headlights have transformed my 4-door G37 sedan. The light output is fantastic, and the installation was smooth with clear instructions. My car has a more modern and upscale appearance and greatly improved night driving experience. It’s like upgrading to a higher vehicle class without breaking the bank!” – Jen H.

CarLights360 Infiniti G37 Headlight

612CL 7uYGL. AC SL1024


  • Meets or exceeds DOT & SAE compliance standards.
  • Assembly includes Bulbs, lens, housing, socket, and HID/xenon ballast.
  • Premium aftermarket replacement parts.
  • Exact fit to the original equipment manufacturer.
  • All of our items are DOT and SAE-certified.
  • Made to last: Constructed with high-quality material, rigorously tested to ensure structural strength and integrity.

My opinion:

Upon experiencing the CarLights360 Infiniti G37 Headlight, I was instantly impressed with the clear lens and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light source, which provided optimal lighting conditions. 

The exact fit to OEM and compliance with DOT and SAE standards instilled confidence in the product’s quality. The inclusion of bulbs, lenses, housing, and sockets in the assembly, along with an integrated HID/Xenon Ballast, was appreciated for the comprehensiveness of the package. 

The explicit fitment for Infiniti G37 models from 2011 to 2013 was clear and concise. However, the notes suggest the headlights are best suited for coupe models, and certain specifications could limit their applicability. 

The fact that these headlights are rigorously tested for structural strength and integrity made me feel assured of their durability and performance. 

Despite the potential need for a signature for deliveries of orders worth more than $200, the overall quality and performance of the CarLights360 Infiniti G37 Headlight were compelling.


  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light source provides optimal lighting conditions.
  • Exact fit to OEM and compliance with DOT & SAE standards indicate high-quality design and construction.
  • The comprehensive assembly includes the bulbs, lens, housing, socket, and an integrated HID/Xenon Ballast.
  • Clear and specific compatibility with Infiniti G37 models from 2011 to 2013.
  • Rigorous testing ensures structural strength and integrity, indicating durability and long-term performance.


  • The headlights are best suited for coupe models, and certain specifications might limit their applicability.
  • The product requires a signature for delivery on orders valued over $200, which could be inconvenient for some customers.
  • Non-confirmation of OEM or Partslink compatibility may result in fitment issues.
  • The product does not include instructions or an installation kit, which may pose a challenge for those unfamiliar with headlight replacement.

Helpful review:

“If it works as an OEM replacement, it’s an incredible value compared to the dealer. The dealer part is about $1000 more. Incredible that this single assembly is >$1400 from Infiniti/Nissan. Amazing that this part is nearly $500 aftermarket, though. Similar part for my F150 is less than $50.” – Chief Systems Engineer (Ret)

Factors To Consider When Choosing G37 Coupe Headlights

g37 coupe headlights


When selecting G37 Coupe headlights, the first factor to consider is compatibility. Ensure the headlights match your vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Compatibility is paramount when purchasing G37 Coupe headlights. Not every headlight assembly will be suited to all models; subtle differences can exist between different years and variants. 

When examining compatibility, verifying your vehicle’s specific make, model, and year is crucial, as headlights intended for a sedan may not fit a coupe. 

g37 coupe headlights

The particular model of your vehicle can significantly impact the type of headlights it requires. For example, the CarLights360 Infiniti G37 Headlight is specifically designed for Infiniti G37 models from 2011 to 2013. 

Neglecting to establish proper compatibility can lead to ineffective lighting, compromised visibility, and potential safety risks. Therefore, compatibility should be your primary consideration when buying G37 Coupe headlights.

Quality and Compliance

Quality is a crucial aspect. Look for headlights that meet or exceed DOT & SAE compliance standards, indicating they conform to the regulations for safety and performance. 

g37 coupe headlights

High-quality headlights such as CarLights360 are rigorously tested to ensure structural strength and integrity. This ensures durability and long-term performance, making them a reliable choice for your vehicle.

When purchasing G37 Coupe headlights, quality should be a top priority. It is essential to look for headlights that adhere to safety and performance standards set by DOT & SAE. 

This indicates that the product has passed rigorous testing and meets all necessary regulations, ensuring reliability and performance. 

g37 coupe headlights

The CarLights360 Infiniti G37 Headlight is an excellent example of high-quality headlights, designed to last with its DOT & SAE certification and rigorous structural strength and integrity testing.

Light Source and Brightness

G37 Coupe headlights come with different light source types, each offering distinct advantages and characteristics. The most common types include halogen, HID (High-Intensity Discharge), and LED (Light Emitting Diode) headlights. 

Light Source

g37 coupe headlights

Halogen headlights are the traditional choice, known for their affordability and simplicity. HID headlights produce a brighter, whiter light than halogens, offering enhanced visibility on the road. 

LED headlights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, emitting a crisp, white light that provides improved illumination and a modern aesthetic. 

When choosing G37 Coupe headlights, it’s essential to consider the light source type that aligns with your preferences for brightness, longevity, and energy efficiency, ensuring a lighting solution that meets your specific needs and style.


g37 coupe headlights

Brightness is a key feature to consider when buying G37 Coupe headlights. The brightness level directly affects visibility and driving safety, especially during nighttime or adverse weather conditions. 

When considering brightness, it’s important to strike a balance – while a brighter headlight can offer better visibility, excessively bright lights might result in glare, which can be dangerous for oncoming traffic. 

The brightness level directly impacts visibility, safety, and the overall driving experience. Brighter lights offer better visibility during night driving or harsh weather conditions, enhancing safety by providing clear sight of the road and surroundings. 

g37 coupe headlights

Therefore, assessing the headlights’ lumen output—the brightness measurement—is crucial. The lumen output measures the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source—in this case, the headlight. 

A higher lumen output implies a brighter light, while a lower lumen figure suggests a dimmer light. 

Lens Colors 

The lens colors of G37 Coupe headlights primarily come in a clear or transparent style, allowing for optimal light output and visibility. These clear lenses are designed to provide a clean and unobstructed view of the headlights’ internal components and the road ahead. 

g37 coupe headlights

However, in aftermarket customization, some G37 Coupe owners may opt for variations such as tinted or smoked lenses to add a unique and stylish touch to their vehicle’s appearance. 

These tinted or smoked lenses can impart a slightly darker or more subdued look to the headlights, contributing to a distinctive aesthetic. Ultimately, the choice of lens color can be a matter of personal preference and style, allowing G37 Coupe enthusiasts to tailor the look of their car to their liking.

Auto Part Positions 

When purchasing G37 Coupe headlights, it’s also necessary to consider the auto part positions. Headlights can be classified as either Headlight Assemblies or Headlight Bulbs. 

g37 coupe headlights

The former is a complete unit that includes the housing, lens, and light source. The latter is the light source that slots into the existing headlight assembly. 

Moreover, headlights can also be categorized according to their mount position – left, right, or center. For G37 Coupe models, headlights are generally positioned at the left and right sides of the front of the vehicle. Ensuring that the headlight you purchase corresponds to the correct side is crucial. 

For instance, a ‘Driver Side’ headlight is designed for the left side of the vehicle when viewed from the driver’s seat. Always check the product description to verify these details before making a purchase.

Beam Types

g37 coupe headlights

When installing G37 Coupe headlights, there are 2 primary beam types to consider: the low beam and the high beam positions. 

The low-beam headlights are the standard ones you use for everyday driving. They are designed to cast light down and to the right, illuminating the road before you without blinding oncoming drivers. 

On the other hand, high-beam headlights are designed to provide maximum visibility, illuminating the entire width and length of the road in front of you. 

g37 coupe headlights

They are primarily used in rural or suburban areas with minimal traffic and lighting. Understanding these positions is necessary for correctly installing and operating your headlights.

Ease of Installation

Look for G37 coupe headlights with all the necessary components for installation. Including bulbs, lenses, housing, and sockets in the assembly and an integrated HID/Xenon Ballast can ease installation. 

However, it’s important to remember that some headlights require professional installation for optimal performance and safety.

Warranty and Support 

g37 coupe headlights

Lastly, consider the warranty and customer support. G37 Coupe headlights with a good warranty indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability. 

Also, responsive and helpful customer support can significantly improve your experience, especially if you encounter any issues or have questions during installation.

How To Install G37 Coupe Headlights

Installing new headlights on your G37 Coupe is a relatively straightforward process that greatly enhances your vehicle’s appearance and visibility.

Step 1

g37 coupe headlights

First, ensure you have the appropriate replacement G37 Coupe headlights for your car model. Start by opening the hood to access the headlight assembly. You’ll find screws and bolts securing the headlight housing. 

Use the appropriate tools to remove these fasteners, allowing you to pull the old headlight assembly away from the car gently.

Step 2

g37 coupe headlights

Once you’ve removed the old G37 Coupe headlights, disconnect the wiring harness and any associated bulbs from the back of the assembly. 

Carefully remove the old bulbs and transfer them to the new headlight assembly if they are still in good condition. If not, it’s a good time to replace them with new bulbs to ensure optimal brightness.

Step 3

g37 coupe headlights

With the new headlight assembly in hand, reconnect the wiring harness and bulbs to the back of the G37 Coupe headlights. Carefully align the assembly with the car’s frame’s mounting points, ensuring it sits securely. 

Then, reattach the screws and bolts you removed earlier, ensuring a snug fit. Double-check the alignment and tighten all fasteners to secure the headlight properly.

Step 4

g37 coupe headlights

Finally, test the new headlights to ensure they function correctly. Turn on your vehicle’s lights to check for proper illumination.

Make any necessary adjustments to the headlight beam direction to ensure it’s aimed correctly on the road. Once you’re satisfied with the alignment and functionality, close the hood, and you’re all set. 

Congratulations, you’ve installed new headlights on your G37 Coupe, improving your vehicle’s aesthetics and safety.

FAQs About G37 Coupe Headlights

g37 coupe headlights

What makes G37 Coupe Headlights a good choice for my vehicle?

G37 Coupe Headlights are designed to provide optimal visibility, safety, and aesthetic appeal. They feature high-quality construction and are available in different light source types, including HID, LED, and halogen lights. 

This lets you choose the type to suit your driving conditions and personal preferences. Additionally, these headlights are designed to be easy to install, come with comprehensive warranties, and are supported by responsive customer service.

Are G37 Coupe Headlights compatible with all vehicles?

g37 coupe headlights

G37 Coupe Headlights are designed for Infiniti G37 Coupe models from certain years. It’s essential to check the compatibility specifications from the manufacturer and cross-reference them with your vehicle’s details to ensure a perfect fit and optimal functioning. 

Proper compatibility allows these headlights to enhance your vehicle’s performance and safety.

How do G37 Coupe Headlights improve visibility and safety?

G37 Coupe Headlights are designed with high-quality light sources such as HID, LED, or halogen lights, each offering distinct brightness levels and characteristics. This ensures better visibility during nighttime driving and harsh weather conditions, enhancing road safety. 

g37 coupe headlights

Moreover, these headlights meet or exceed DOT & SAE compliance standards, indicating they adhere to strict regulations for safety and performance.

What’s the lifespan of G37 Coupe headlights?

The lifespan of G37 Coupe headlights can vary based on several factors, including the bulb type, usage, and the vehicle’s electrical system. 

However, most high-quality G37 Coupe headlights are designed to last for several years, offering long-term visibility and safety.

Why are warranty and customer support important when buying G37 Coupe headlights?

g37 coupe headlights

A solid warranty and responsive customer support indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in the G37 Coupe headlights’ durability and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

These factors can make your experience smoother, especially if you encounter any issues or have questions during installation.


G37 Coupe Headlights are excellent for vehicle safety, visibility, and aesthetic appeal. 

Their high-quality construction and variety of light source types, including HID, LED, and halogen, offer the flexibility to choose the right type for your driving conditions and personal preferences. 

Installation is typically straightforward, and the backing of a comprehensive warranty and responsive customer support instills confidence in your purchase. 

If you’re in the market for a new pair of headlights for your Infiniti G37 Coupe, I’d highly recommend giving G37 Coupe Headlights a try. They offer a fantastic combination of performance and value you won’t regret.

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