Safety Meets Style: A Review Of The Venom Motorcycle Helmet

venom motorcycle helmet

In the world of motorcycling, nothing rivals the importance of safety, and yet, style is an aspect we riders never compromise on. The Venom Motorcycle Helmet perfectly encapsulates this blend of safety and style, becoming an unrivaled choice for many. 

Whether you’re a seasoned rider cruising on highways, or a newbie just starting your journey on two wheels, you’ll want to hear more about this helmet. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, aesthetics, and the level of protection that the Venom Motorcycle Helmet offers, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice. Stay tuned as we hit the road with Venom!

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Venom Motorcycle Helmet Reviews [year]

Best Technology – DXDRT Built-In Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet for Adults

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We found the DXDRT Motorcycle Helmet with Built-in Bluetooth to be a game-changer. Its ability to pair with a mobile phone is a standout feature, transforming rides by providing easy access to music, automatic call answering, and FM radio. The high-quality stereo ensures seamless switching between calls and music on the go. 

We were also impressed by its construction – an ABS shell reinforced with composite material and a high-density EPS buffer. This design not only enhances durability but also provides effective head protection. An added bonus is the double-layer sun visor, which significantly enhances the riding vision while shielding eyes from harsh weather conditions. 

And let’s not forget the hands-free safety – the helmet’s noise reduction technology ensures clear voice quality even at high speeds. With a charging time of 2.5 hours and a standby time of 400 hours, we found this helmet to be a reliable companion for both short trips and long journeys.


  • Integrated Bluetooth: Allows for seamless music streaming, automatic call answering, and FM radio access during rides.
  • Robust Construction: The ABS shell reinforced with composite material, along with a high-density EPS buffer, ensures durable and effective head protection.
  • Double-layer Sun Visor: Enhances riding vision and provides protection from harsh elements.
  • Hands-free Safety: Noise reduction technology ensures clear voice quality even at high speeds.


  • Charging Time: Requires about 2.5 hours to fully charge, which may be a bit long for those who are on the go.

Best Features – ILM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

At ILM, we are impressed by the Full Face Motorcycle Helmet’s superior features. Its compliance with FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards underlines the focus on user safety. The visor lock, designed for high-speed riding, guarantees that the outer visor remains securely in place, providing an added layer of protection. The helmet’s convenient ventilation system is commendable, ensuring optimum airflow. The quick release and metal buckle further enhance the helmet’s protective capabilities. 

With the Comtex Technology in the inner liner, comfort and fit are prioritized without compromising on hygiene, given its removable, washable, and replaceable nature. The inclusion of two visors and two fins increases the helmet’s versatility, although the Pin-lock anti-fog visor, which is not included, could have added value. Overall, we believe this helmet brings together safety, comfort, and functionality effectively.


  • Meets or exceeds major safety standards, reassuring users about their safety.
  • Equipped with a visor lock for secure fastening during high-speed rides.
  • Comes with excellent ventilation features for optimal comfort.
  • Features a washable and replaceable inner liner with Comtex Technology for enhanced comfort and hygiene.
  • Offers versatility with two visors and fins included.


  • Some users might prefer more visor and fin color options for personal customization.

Best For Safety – BEON Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

81TJV+wPjgL. AC SL1500

We’ve had the opportunity to experience the BEON Full Face Motorcycle Helmet and it truly lives up to its promise of safety and comfort. Its compliance with DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 certification gives us confidence in its quality and safety features. The helmet’s high-class ABS shell, high-density EPS foam, and buffering inner lining all contribute to a secure and comfortable ride. 

We were particularly impressed by the double shield system, providing clear vision even in challenging weather conditions. The toggle feature is a convenient addition, easily operable even with a gloved hand. In terms of comfort, the tinted fin design and adjustable vents made for a very enjoyable ride, allowing us to control the ventilation level. 

Lastly, the easy-to-clean inner liner and sturdy quick-release buckle add to the overall ease of use. We recommend the BEON Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for riders seeking a blend of comfort and safety.


  • Compliant with DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 certification, ensuring a high level of safety standard.
  • The high-class ABS shell, high-density EPS foam provide excellent protection.
  • Features a double shield system for clear vision in various weather conditions.
  • Offers optimal comfort with its tinted fin design and adjustable vents.
  • The inner liner is skin-friendly, removable, replaceable, and washable.
  • The sturdy metal quick-release buckle is easy to use even with a gloved hand.


  • Although the helmet’s features are generally positive, some riders might find the ABS shell material lesser in quality compared to other materials like polycarbonate or carbon fiber.

Best For UV Protect – DOT Approved HAX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

71wcYIji2KL. AC SL1500

We are truly impressed by the DOT Approved HAX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet. Its practical and aerodynamic design not only meets DOT safety standards but also effectively reduces wind resistance and minimizes wind noise. The helmet’s multiple vents ensure a swift replacement of stuffy air, and the upgraded emergency padding removal pull adds to the safety and convenience. The comfort provided by the anti-allergic liner is exceptional, and the Bluetooth headset slot is a practical addition.

The clear and wide vision offered by the helmet lenses, which are suitable for PINLOCK 70, and the availability of an anti-fog lens as an additional purchase is commendable. The helmet’s UV treatment technology which prevents about 98% of ultraviolet radiation is a testament to its quality. To top it all off, the variety of trendy printing options allows for personalized choice and unique visual effects.


  • Meets DOT safety standards, ensuring a high safety profile.
  • Aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and noise for a more comfortable ride.
  • Multiple vents and upgraded emergency padding removal enhance comfort and safety.
  • Anti-allergic liner and Bluetooth headset slot for additional convenience.
  • Lenses provide clear and wide vision, with the ability to add an anti-fog lens.
  • UV treatment technology protects eyes by preventing about 98% of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Variety of trendy printing options for personalization.


  • Pinlock anti-fog lens is not included and needs to be purchased separately.
  • Visors of other colors are not included and have to be purchased separately.

Best For Lightweight – DM Venom Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

51Sn6ybk8cL. AC SL1084

We’ve found the DM Venom Full Face Motorcycle Helmet to be an exceptional product. Its DOT FMVSS-218 certification instills confidence in its safety features, and the inclusion of two shields enhances its versatility. The lightweight composite poly-alloy construction makes the helmet easily wearable even for long durations, and the aerodynamic shell design adds to its appeal. 

We were particularly impressed by the removable and washable liner and cheek pads; these are great hygiene features. The helmet is suitable for various vehicles, from cruisers to snowmobiles, demonstrating its adaptability. However, the highlight is the detailed size guide which aids in choosing the perfect fit. While the guide can’t guarantee a perfect fit, it’s very helpful. In conclusion, it’s a well-rounded helmet, ticking the boxes for safety, comfort, and design.


  • DOT FMVSS-218 Certified, ensuring high safety standards.
  • Comes with two shields for enhanced versatility.
  • Lightweight construction from advanced composite poly-alloy.
  • Aerodynamic shell design for reduced wind resistance.
  • Features like removable and washable liner and cheek pads for good hygiene.
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles.


  • Users with unique head shapes might find the standard sizes less accommodating.

BDTOT Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

61Vb9QcvUnL. AC SL1001

At BDTOT, we are proud to present our DOT FMVSS-218 approved Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet, a blend of safety and technology that redefines riding experience. Our helmet, legal in the US, stands out with its multi-function Bluetooth connectivity, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and most motorcycle navigation devices. The host is smart, waterproof, and detachable, providing up to 12 hours of music playback after just 2-4 hours of charging. 

Crafted with an impact-resistant lightweight ABS shell, high-density EPS buffer layer, and a mesh comfort lining, we’ve ensured your safety and comfort under all conditions. The helmet also features a fully adjustable sun visor, facial ventilation device, and a fully removable and washable inner lining. Ideal for adults, teenagers, boys and girls engaging in activities ranging from motorcycle riding to skiing downhill, we’ve created a helmet suited for all your adventures.


  • Multi-functional Bluetooth connectivity that syncs with most devices and navigation systems.
  • Impact-resistant ABS shell ensures rider safety.
  • Lightweight design for optimal comfort.
  • Extended battery life with up to 12 hours of music.
  • Equipped with a ventilation system for added comfort.
  • Fully adjustable sun visor and removable, washable lining for ease of use.


  • Requires 2-4 hours of charging time, which could be inconvenient for some users.

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

51UY45ZnGmL. AC SL1000

We’ve had the opportunity to test the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet, and we were struck by its impressive balance of safety and comfort. This helmet truly shines in meeting or exceeding FMSS-218 and DOT safety standards. Its robust ABS shell and Multi-Density EPS liner ensure durability and provide superior protection, ideal for off-road riding.
We appreciated the enhanced air vents, optimized for maximizing airflow, keeping us cool throughout our ride. The shield system, with its widened field of vision, significantly improved our safety, while the easily detachable visor added a level of convenience. What set this helmet apart for us, though, was its comfort interior pad. The helmet’s interior is fully removable, washable, adjustable, and replaceable, with multi-layer cheek pads for comfort and helmet stabilization.
Additionally, the quick-release buckle on the chin strap allowed for easy wearability. Overall, we highly recommend the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet for its comprehensive safety features and exceptional comfort.


  • Superior Safety: Meets and exceeds FMSS-218 and DOT safety standards, ensuring maximum protection.
  • Enhanced Air Vents: Optimized for maximizing airflow, providing a cooler and more comfortable ride.
  • Convenient Shield System: Offers a widened field of view and features an easily detachable visor for rider convenience.
  • Comfortable Fit: Equipped with a fully adjustable, removable, washable, and replaceable interior pad, ensuring a comfortable ride.
  • Quick-Release Clasp: Facilitates easy wearability and a better fit.


  • Size Adjustments: While the helmet is adjustable, some users may need time to find the perfect fit.

DXDRT Motorcycle Helmets Cascos para Motos for Adults

71sJeVQNBjL. AC SL1500

We at DXDRT highly recommend our Motorcycle Helmets Cascos para Motos for Adults. Meeting and even exceeding DOT safety standards, our helmets are constructed with a high-quality ABS shell and Multi-Density EPS liner, offering enhanced durability and lightness. The innovative ventilation system, designed with multiple vents and a streamlined design, ensures a breathable and cool environment for your head, reducing wind noise and drag. 

Additionally, the helmet features a removable and washable inner lining made of comfortable mesh fabric, designed to absorb and quickly evaporate sweat, helping you stay dry, cool, and comfortable on your ride. The helmet also comes equipped with a tinted shield for added protection and a quick-release buckle for ease of use. 

Please bear in mind to carefully measure your head before ordering as our sizing information is only a guide. For those who wear glasses, we recommend a larger size. We’re always here to help with any sizing questions you may have.


  • Meets or exceeds DOT safety standards: This helmet provides assured safety with its high-quality ABS shell and Multi-Density EPS liner.
  • Excellent ventilation system: Multiple vents and a streamlined design keep your head cool and breathable, reducing wind noise and drag.
  • Removable and washable inner lining: The mesh fabric lining keeps you dry and comfortable by absorbing and evaporating sweat quickly.
  • Additional features: The tinted shield adds an extra layer of protection, while the quick-release buckle on the chin strap ensures ease of use. 


  • Sizing: Accurate sizing can be a bit tricky, so measure your head carefully before ordering. If you wear glasses, we suggest ordering a larger size. 

KYPARA Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

718gTcHLGtL. AC SL1500

e are thoroughly impressed by the KYPARA Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet. Its professional grade qualities, coupled with DOT FMVSS 218 standard approval, make it suitable for a wide range of motorsports. The thoughtful design includes multiple oversized ventilations that ensure effective heat dissipation and air circulation, making it comfortable for long rides. 

The aerodynamics of the helmet are a standout, reducing wind resistance and noise remarkably. Another appreciated feature is the fully removable and washable liner and pads, which keep the helmet feeling fresh and clean, while the quick release buckle adds convenience. 

Although additional lenses have to be purchased separately, the overall quality and customer service provided by the KYPARA team outweigh this minor inconvenience. The swift response to queries and the commitment to customer satisfaction truly set them apart.


  • Professional grade compliance with DOT FMVSS 218 standards, suitable for various motorsports.
  • Numerous oversized ventilations for excellent air circulation and heat dissipation.
  • Aerodynamically designed to minimize wind resistance and noise.
  • Fully removable and washable liner and pads for hygiene and comfort.
  • Quick release buckle for easy usage.


  • Additional lenses need to be purchased separately, although they add value in different riding conditions.

VCOROS Dirt Bike Helmets H637 Full Face Motocross Helmet

61riCZTqK+L. AC SL1100

We have had the chance to experience the VCOROS Dirt Bike Helmets H637 Full Face Motocross Helmet, and it exceeded our expectations. Not only does this helmet meet or exceed DOT FMVSS 218 standard, ensuring our safety, but the lightweight ABS Shell and Multi-Density EPS Materials also add minimal weight, providing comfort even during prolonged use. 

The detachable and washable inner pads are a game-changer, ensuring the helmet remains fresh and clean. The multiple air vents, designed for optimal ventilation and cooling, effectively prevent overheating and enable us to ride comfortably, even in high temperatures. Overall, this helmet is a fantastic blend of safety, comfort, and practicality.


  • Safety Compliance: Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 standard, ensuring optimal safety for riders.
  • Lightweight Design: Built with ABS Shell and Multi-Density EPS Materials that reduce weight without compromising on safety.
  • Maintainable: Features detachable and washable inner pads for easy hygiene maintenance.
  • Comfortable: Incorporates multiple air vents for optimal ventilation and cooling, preventing overheating.


  • No Visor Included: The package does not include a visor, which may have provided additional protection against elements.

Understanding The Material And Build Quality

Venom Motorcycle Helmet

When considering any product, the material and build quality are fundamental factors that greatly influence its durability and performance. Different materials have distinct characteristics, offering varying degrees of strength, weight, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness. For instance, a product crafted from metal may exhibit superior strength and longevity, but it may also be heavy and pricey.

Build quality, on the other hand, pertains to how well the product is assembled. It is a reflection of craftsmanship and attention to detail. High build quality often translates to well-aligned parts, flawless finishes, and the absence of irregularities such as gaps or loose components. It is crucial to examine the build quality of a product closely, as poor construction can lead to functional issues, decreased lifespan, and a less than satisfactory user experience.

Understanding the material and build quality is therefore fundamental when choosing a product, as these factors significantly affect the product’s reliability and value for money. By paying attention to these aspects, one can make a more informed and confident purchase decision.

Sizing Guide For Venom Helmets

Venom Motorcycle Helmet

Measurement and Sizing

Before purchasing a Venom helmet, it’s critical to take accurate head measurements. Using a soft measuring tape, measure just above your ears and around your forehead at the widest point. Compare your measurement with the Venom size chart to find the correct size.

Trying It On

Upon receiving your helmet, try it on to ensure a proper fit. It should feel snug but not uncomfortably tight. There should be no pressure points; these could cause discomfort during extended wear.

Checking the Fit

Check the fit by moving the helmet from side to side and up and down with your hands. If it feels loose or slides around, it’s too big. If it’s uncomfortably tight or creates pressure points, it’s too small.

Adjusting Straps and Buckles

Next, adjust the straps and buckles to secure the helmet properly. The chin strap should be tight enough that you can only fit one or two fingers between the strap and your chin.

Rechecking after Adjustments

Finally, after making all the necessary adjustments, recheck the fit. The helmet should be secure on your head and not move around when you shake your head. Remember, safety is paramount; if the helmet doesn’t fit correctly, it may not provide the protection you need.

FAQs about Venom Motorcycle Helmet

Is the Venom Motorcycle Helmet certified for safety?  

Yes, the Venom Motorcycle Helmet meets all standard safety certifications. It is designed with a focus on rider safety and protection.

Does the Venom Motorcycle Helmet offer a good field of view?  

Absolutely! The Venom Motorcycle Helmet features a wide visor that provides excellent peripheral vision, ensuring you can see the road and surroundings clearly.

Is it comfortable for long rides?  

Yes, the Venom Motorcycle Helmet is designed with comfort in mind. It has a snug fit and is equipped with breathable padding that ensures comfort during long rides.

Does the Venom Motorcycle Helmet have a visor that protects against UV rays?  

Indeed, the Venom Motorcycle Helmet comes with a UV-protected visor that shields your eyes from harmful sunlight, making your ride safer and more comfortable.

Is the Venom Motorcycle Helmet suitable for all weather conditions?  

Definitely! The Venom Motorcycle Helmet is designed to provide optimal performance in all weather conditions. It has excellent ventilation for hot weather and a secure seal to keep you dry in the rain.


In conclusion, understanding the material and build quality of a product is crucial, and this is no different when selecting a motorcycle helmet. The Venom Motorcycle Helmet stands out in this regard, with its superior construction, accurate sizing options, and excellent features enhancing safety and comfort. Furthermore, it addresses common concerns such as field of view, comfort during long rides, UV protection, and suitability for various weather conditions. 

The DXDRT Built-In Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet for Adults adds an extra layer of convenience with its integrated Bluetooth function, allowing you to stay connected without compromising safety. With the combination of high-quality build, advanced safety features, comfort, and Bluetooth compatibility, the DXDRT helmet offers an unbeatable value proposition. Invest in a DXDRT Built-In Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet today and take your riding experience to a whole new level of safety and enjoyment.

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