Top 5 Best Carbon Fiber Guitars of [year]

best carbon fiber guitars

Guitars made of carbon fiber are durable, lightweight, and portable, and they provide a fantastic sound (especially those with a detachable neck).

In recent years, we’ve seen some very innovative ideas from the world of carbon fiber guitar construction. Consider one of the best carbon fiber guitars on my list if you’re in the market.

best carbon fiber guitars


KLOS Deluxe Carbon Fiber

best carbon fiber guitars

The KLOS Deluxe Carbon Fiber is one of the greatest carbon fiber guitars available, combining the mobility and durability of a carbon fiber body with the superb playability of a high-quality wood neck. The guitar has a detachable neck that increases its mobility, a mahogany neck with a Brazilian cherry fretboard and 19 frets, and a Fishman Sonitone pickup.

The electro-acoustic guitar is notable for its rich tones and its 4.29-pound low weight. It is slightly smaller than standard guitars, which contributes to its mobility. However, some players may find it uncomfortable. Additionally, the neck is totally removable. However, the instrument must be tuned each time it is reattached.

The carbon fiber body is exceptionally resilient and resistant to environmental conditions and impacts. The Fishman piezoelectric pickup and 9V Fishman Preamp are wonderful additions that allow you to play the guitar either plugged in or unplugged.

Overall, the KLOS Deluxe Carbon Fiber is one of the finest acoustic-electric guitars for traveling artists seeking a versatile and high-quality instrument.


  • Highly transportable due to its small size and removable neck
  • High-quality wood neck, delivering the realistic feel of a guitar
  • Included in the accessories package is a gig bag.
  • Excellent tones with warmth and force


  • A little costly

Enya EA-X4E Pro

best carbon fiber guitars

The Enya EA-X4E Pro is an excellent carbon fiber acoustic-electric guitar with a reasonable price tag and a high-quality build. With its offset soundhole design, the guitar’s acoustic qualities show, producing a wonderful unplugged sound.

The guitar has a balanced and clear tone with or without an amplifier. There are built-in effects similar to Lava Me 2, although they do not sound as well as Lava Me 2’s. The guitar’s unplugged tone is fairly loud, clear, and well-balanced due to the design of its offset soundhole.

Moreover, the guitar is quite portable and comes with wonderful extras, such as a hard case, which is rather decent considering the price. According to user reviews, the action is set too high. Thus, you will need to make neck modifications after purchasing the instrument.


  • The construction is lightweight and of good quality.
  • Cost-effective, excellent value for the cost
  • Loud output
  • Clear and harmonious tone
  • Excellent accessories package with hard case


  • The action is rather intense
  • Internal effects do not sound the greatest.

Journey OF660M Instruments

best carbon fiber guitars

If you are a traveling musician in search of a portable guitar, the Journey Instruments OF660M may be the best option for you. The guitar is extremely tiny and lightweight, and its detachable neck and folding construction allow it to fit into a travel case the size of a rucksack.

In addition to the guitar’s unusual shape that makes it exceedingly portable, the carbon fiber construction is exceptionally robust and can endure harsh climatic conditions as well as mild impacts.

With an amplifier, the guitar sounds rather excellent and clear. However, when unplugged, the volume is insufficient, and the lower strings are louder than the upper ones. Additionally, the guitar includes two different saddles for action modifications; however, even with the low action, the action is a touch too high, making the instrument a little less pleasant to play.


  • With a folding neck mechanism, this item is extremely portable.
  • Durable construction
  • Acceptable tone with a quality passive pickup
  • Various color choices


  • High-tension
  • Not the best sound quality without amplification

Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber

best carbon fiber guitars

Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber is one of the most popular carbon fiber guitars on the market due to its creative design and moderate pricing. It incorporates so-called FreeBoost technology, which enables unplugged performance with built-in effects utilizing the guitar’s back as a speaker.

The guitar is equipped with a cable-rechargeable L2 Freeboost active pickup. The amazing feature of these pickups and preamps is that you can utilize the reverb, delay, and chorus effects unplugged. The battery lasts 10 hours without the amp and 20 hours with the amp, and it takes 4 hours to completely charge.

It is an extremely lightweight guitar, weighing around 3.3 pounds. The body of Airsonic is extremely sturdy and can tolerate considerable fluctuations in humidity and temperature. With its relatively low scale and 18 frets, the guitar is more suited for rhythm playing than for guitar solos.


  • Innovative engineering using L2 pickups and the FreeBoost effect system
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Superior sonic variety and sound quality
  • Various color choices


  • Simple aesthetics
  • The FlyNeck may require some adjustment time.

Lava Me Pro 41

best carbon fiber guitars

Lava Me Pro 41 is a professional-grade carbon fiber semi-acoustic guitar with incredibly comfortable playing, excellent tones, and built-in effects for musical diversity. It is one of the most comfortable guitars on the market due to its comparatively thinner 41-inch dreadnought body, U-shaped neck, and lightweight construction.

The guitar includes a soundhole-mounted preamp with decent-sounding built-in effects like choruses, delays, and reverbs. In addition, there is a boost mode that increases the output loudness by 50%, as well as an inbuilt tuner.

Some guitarists may find the guitar’s modest scale length of 25.59″ and 19 frets a bit limiting. The guitar’s L2 Pro pickups and preamp system, HPL fretboard, and Airsonic Carbon Fiber composite soundboard are all of excellent quality, giving you a very lightweight and durable instrument of great quality.


  • Pleasant playability
  • Excellent construction quality, traditional dreadnought form
  • Versatile, with inbuilt effects and tuner.
  • Excellent tones, robust output


  • A little costly
  • The action is rather intense


best carbon fiber guitars

When selecting a carbon fiber guitar, it is important to consider the material, build quality, body shape, mobility, electronics, and cost. Depending on your demands, you should choose a robust, portable, and well-sounding instrument with high-quality electronics in order to get the most out of your guitar.


There are many carbon fiber materials, such as Airsonic, Graphite, and Composite bodies, as well as High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Richlite fretboards, which must be inspected first.

Develop Quality

The key reason to buy a carbon fiber guitar is its mobility and durability; thus, you must get a guitar that lives up to its reputation. In terms of sound quality and loudness, the design, soundhole, and neck construction are all crucial factors.


Portability is one of the primary advantages of carbon fiber guitars. There are carbon fiber guitars with folding necks that make transporting the instrument easier, making them a good option for musicians on the road. In addition, you may examine the guitar’s weight and dimensions to make transporting the instrument easier.

best carbon fiber guitars

Body Style

Body Style is more of a matter of personal preference, but it is essential if you wish to play lead guitar with higher frets. Buying a guitar with a cutaway design is crucial for this purpose.


Electronics are essential for carbon fiber guitars, as their sound is amplified by electronics. There are several electric acoustic versions with integrated preamps and effects. The key to having high-quality sound on stage, in the studio, or while rehearsing is the quality of the electronics.


As with any purchase, pricing is an important consideration when purchasing a guitar. If you have a restricted budget, you should prioritize the features that are most essential to you and choose the appropriate model. There are versions available with excellent portability, durability, and sound quality.


What is a guitar made of carbon fiber?

best carbon fiber guitars

Carbon fiber guitars are constructed from carbon fiber or comparable materials to improve the instrument’s durability and portability. They are very resistant to climatic conditions and sound nearly as well as guitars made of wood. These guitars have a futuristic and distinct appearance.

Carbon fiber guitars are a good option for touring artists due to their resistance to high temperatures, humidity fluctuations, and shocks. In addition, they weigh around two-thirds as much as an acoustic or classical guitar, making them very portable.

Some models include folding necks for increased mobility, while others have integrated preamps and speakers, making them extremely adaptable. Guitars made from carbon fiber may be the future of these instruments.

Carbon Fiber Guitars: Are they any good?

Carbon Fiber Guitars are exceptionally resilient and resistant to harsh weather conditions. In addition, they are incredibly transportable and lightweight. In addition, the sound quality and loudness are comparable to classic wooden guitars.

Therefore, carbon fiber guitars are a relatively recent design that is here to stay. They provide players with so much adaptability, durability, and portability that I feel they will be utilized more frequently in the future.


So, you have the money. Should you buy a guitar made of carbon fiber? For the traditionalist who cherishes wood’s natural purity. They may not be right for you.

Beyond this exception, Donda’s House says yes! If you are fed up with broken necks, body dents, and inconsistent tuning, you cannot go wrong.

It is a long-term investment for the environmentally aware futurist. And based only on their longevity, these guitars may represent the future of musical instruments.

We hope you now have a better understanding of carbon fiber guitars and the ability to choose the best carbon fiber guitar for you. Good luck!

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