Top 6 Best Cat Ear Headphones of [year]

best cat ear headphones

Today, over-ear headphones are available in innumerable forms and designs; it is not an exaggeration to state that there is one for everyone, regardless of their aesthetic, color, or theme preferences. The best cat ear headphones are a type of headphone that is becoming increasingly popular in both Japanese and Western cultures.

The history of cat ear headphones and the inspiration from Japanese comics in which human characters were given feline-like traits is really fascinating, and if you’re serious about purchasing a great pair of cat ear headphones, I would highly recommend reading about it.

best cat ear headphones


YOWU RGB 4 Cat Ear Headphones

best cat ear headphones

Beginning with our premium pick, the YOWU RGB 4 cat ear headphones combine high-quality headset performance with the fashionable appearance of cat ear headphones to create this promising pair of high-performance headphones. The YOWU RGB 4 headset is available in three colors and is intended to fit any gaming or streaming setting.

The YOWU RGB 4 provides high-quality stereo sound with a 50mm driver for an immersive listening experience with music, games, and films. The accompanying app lets you control the comprehensive lighting settings, colors, and effects, as well as configure sound effects for various circumstances.

The ear cups and kitty ear extensions of the YOWU RGB 4 cat ear headphones are lighted by RGB lights, allowing you to pick from an extensive array of light effects, settings, and colors. Active noise cancellation technology is leveraged by the detachable boom-style microphone to allow noise-free streaming and in-game interactions.

The YOWU RGB 4 cat ear headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 to give a latency-free gaming experience. Alternatively, a 3.5mm auxiliary cable may be used to connect the headphones to your gaming console, PC, or other non-Bluetooth-compatible devices.


  • Compatible form
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Excellent microphone clarity


  • Quite costly

Razer Kraken Headphones with Cat Ears

best cat ear headphones

The Razer Kraken Cat Ear Headphones are high-performance headphones usually used by gamers, yet music fans and cinema buffs will find this headset with detachable cat ears to be quite satisfying.

Using THX’s Spatial Audio technology, the Kraken cat headphones provide 7.1 surround sound through a cable USB-A connection or Bluetooth connectivity.

These headphones are quite pleasant to wear. However, prolonged usage may become uncomfortable due to their larger weight than typical headsets, particularly when the cat ears are added. The boom microphone may be added as needed and incorporates active noise reduction technology for noise-free communications in gaming and streaming environments.

The cat ears on the Kraken headphones are illuminated by Razer’s Chroma LED lighting system, which functions from the ear cup to the cat ears. The Chroma LED system provides 16.8 million colors, patterns, and lighting effects that can be created with the Chroma Studio app, and additional lighting effects may be calibrated with the Razer Streamer app.


  • Modifiable cat ears
  • Incredible surround sound
  • Versatile RGB lighting


  • It can be unpleasant for some wearers

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

best cat ear headphones

Axent, the original maker of cat-ear headphones, has maintained its position as one of the finest on the market. However, its other features and characteristics are surely worth analyzing.

The cat ear headphones by Axent differ from the others on this list in that the cat ear extensions on the headband may function as loudspeakers. While the main headset is in use, the kitten ears can play music out loud.

This is a bit of an odd function, and I don’t see the point of it, as headphones are meant to give a private listening experience, but I’m sure some people will find it useful. In addition to the main headset’s ear cups, the cat ears are illuminated.

The microphone is integral to the headset and cannot be removed or altered. The mic’s quality is adequate for in-game chats and live streaming, but it lacks noise reduction features.


  • Exceptional battery life
  • Versatile connectivity options


  • Typical microphone quality
  • Very weighty, which may be uncomfortable

FosPower Cat Ear Headphones

best cat ear headphones

The FosPower cat ear headphones for children are created with the health and comfort of children’s hearing in mind. This cat ear headset is available in two color combinations and is an excellent present for youngsters.

In terms of comfort and security, the design and construction of the FosPower cat ear headphones are extremely meticulous. The volume limitation was the first characteristic that caught my notice. This limiter is non-adjustable and permanently set at 85 dB, which is about equivalent to the volume of a blender.

This is intended to prevent youngsters from turning up the volume to the maximum, which might cause substantial long-term harm to their hearing. However, 85dB is not a quiet sound level, so I would recommend limiting the length of time spent at this volume level.

The cord of the cat ear headphones from FosPower is braided to reduce tangling and trip risks for your youngster. The cushioned ear cups and headband are created particularly for youngsters since they are extremely comfortable and well-padded to avoid any scratching or uncomfortable strain on the head or ears.


  • Protective and accommodating for children
  • Eye-catching design for youngsters
  • Heavy duty


  • None

SIMGAL Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

best cat ear headphones

The SIMGAL Bluetooth cat ear headphones are heavily marketed as a pair for children, but adults can also use them for gaming, streaming, and casual listening. The SIMGAL cat ear headphones are available in three distinct hues and are equipped with a number of convenient functions.

The cat ear extensions and ear cups are backlit with RGB, but only one constant color is supported; there are no flashing, breathing, or interactive effect modes. The lights may be enabled or disabled by a button located on the ear cup of the headphones’ control panel.

These headphones with cat ears support Bluetooth connectivity as well as 3.5mm auxiliary connections for your computer, cell phone, television, and gaming console.

The sound quality of these cat ear headphones is quite impressive, offering enhanced surround sound listening and a Hi-Fi-like sound signature, which may not be ideal for critical listening but will certainly enhance your gaming, streaming, and movie-watching experiences.


  • Ergonomic earcups and headband
  • Foldable design provides for convenient storage/transport
  • Extensive control panel


  • None

Somic G951 Cat Ear Headphones

best cat ear headphones

The Somic G951 headphones connect to your computer, game console, or television by USB and are powered by the USB port. Somic also manufactures the G2510 cat ear headphones with extra functions as a wireless version. These cat ear headphones, like most others, contain a set of LED lights on the ear cups that provide a breathing effect; however, this cannot be changed since it is the sole lighting option offered.

For film-loving gamers, the audio quality here is nothing short of profoundly immersive. A 7.1 surround sound system immerses you in the action, and a vibrating effect (which can be toggled on/off) gives an extra type of four-dimensional listening.

On the side of the ear cups are controls for the vibration mode, the LED lights, the volume up and down buttons, and the microphone on/off switch. The ear cups are somewhat bigger than average and form a tight seal while in use, giving a kind of passive noise cancellation. However, the ear cups are not the most pleasant since the cushioning is thin and the lining does not allow for much airflow.


  • Controls onboard the ear cup
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Absence of Bluetooth connection


best cat ear headphones

Even though these cat ear headphones are a little unusual, we used our comprehensive understanding of headsets to choose the six best models on the market based on the following factors. Aside from sound quality, of course, the performance of a set of cat ear headphones might be adversely affected by the following issues.


Regardless of the quality and functions of the headsets itself, these headsets with cat ears on the headband are popular. They are available in several colors, forms, and designs. Some may have RGB-illuminated cat ears, while others may be detached and reattached as desired.

Noise Cancellation

best cat ear headphones

Any respectable set of over-ear headphones should feature a reasonable level of noise cancellation, either through the materials used or an active noise cancellation mechanism. This is a crucial consideration since it directly influences the sound quality you will hear.


Even if you don’t intend to use them for extended periods, the headphones’ comfort has a significant impact on your whole listening experience. The headband and cup materials may make or break the experience, so search for high-quality, breathable materials that avoid perspiration. The ability to adjust the headband and cups is also crucial.


Cat ear headphones are primarily an attractive product; thus, you may not want hanging cords in your game stream or social media postings. Some cat ear headphones include a built-in microphone, while some allow you to detach and reconnect the microphone as necessary.


We hope you found our research on the best cat ear headphones to be informative and entertaining. We understand that our evaluation is just illustrative of some of the market’s leading products.

Our intention is to provide you with a general summary of each product. We advise you to perform your own research in order to reach a well-informed judgment regarding the best option for you.

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